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Positive Ageing For The 50+ Consumer

By 2050, 2.1 billion people will be over 60 years old. Product development focused on this age group should be on your radar to aim for positive ageing. Every 2 in 3 Europeans between the age of 65-75 already takes active steps to make their nutrition healthier. One of this silver generation’s main concerns? Blood sugar levels rising. The low-glycaemic, yet fully available carbohydrate Palatinose™ can be an excellent solution for this health-conscious community. By lowering the blood glucose response, it helps to regulate blood sugar levels and therefore limit the risk of age-related diabetes. Learn more about this older consumer group and how functional ingredients help you create products for their specific needs.

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How to create a powder mix pudding with slow-release energy?

Positive ageing embraces indulgent treats. This powder mix allows consumers to create a delicious pudding in a few simple steps. With a healthy touch! Get the recipe, discover the latest consumer insights and find out how Palatinose™ and rice starch lift this pudding to a new level.

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Consumer insights on positive ageing

61% of 55+ Asians exercise 3 hours or more per week
Older consumers are concerned about their blood sugar levels

Create an instant tea with a healthy twist

Create an instant tea with a healthy twist

The ageing consumer wants to enjoy life to the fullest. With the right ingredients, even a tea break becomes a healthy moment. Discover the recipe, read our consumer insights and learn how Palatinose™ brings a simple beverage with reduced blood sugar response that targets the silver generation.

In-depth information on healthy ageing

White paper on healthy ageing

White paper on healthy ageing

Discover scientifically supported health-related benefits of functional fibres and carbohydrates for the silver generation.

Inspiring concepts for positive ageing

Keep well with Palatinose™

Keep well with Palatinose™

An ingredient for vitality at any age. Ensuring positive ageing with a lower effect on blood sugar levels.

Perfect balanced mousse

Perfect balanced Palatinose™ mousse

An indulgent moment made guilt-free with Palatinose™. Enjoy a full-bodied chocolate experience.

njoy the goodlife

Enjoy the goodlife

A fortified milk drink supplying nutritional benefits in a natural way. To keep those energy levels balanced.

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