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Consumers today expect great taste – be it a delicate crispiness, a rich creaminess or a crunchy, full bite, they want it all – even with respect to low-calorie and low-fat foods. In addition, many people today go without gluten or lactose, by choice or for medical reasons. Ingredients do not only need to be a good equivalent, they also have to avoid compromising taste and texture.

BENEO is an expert in terms of the exploration and conversion of rice varieties to naturally derived, functional starches, flours and highly digestible protein. Highly versatile, they can be applied to a wide array of applications, improving body and mouthfeel, and adding long-lasting crispy- or creaminess to low-fat foods that are free from gluten or lactose.

Food application examples with Rice Ingredients

Rice flour by BENEO is widely used in baby food and infant cereals thanks to the ease of digestion of both rice starch and rice protein. Rice proteins also possess a very interesting amino acid profile, being closely related to that of breast milk.

Our rice starch holds a long-term track record in many food applications thanks to its clean taste and beneficial impact on texture: from improved creaminess in fat-reduced dairy products, to extra crunchiness in gluten-free cookies and crispiness of deep-fried snacks, …

BENEO rice protein is also often used as a plant-based protein source for protein and energy bars, meal replacement mixes, baked goods, baby food and pet food thanks to its high digestibility, excellent amino acid and hypoallergenic profile.

Our specialty rice ingredients showcase a multitude of nutritional and technical benefits depending on the application.

Nutritional benefits:

Technical benefits:

  • Soft and creamy gel texture
  • Fat mimetic effect
  • Impact on perceived texture (crispiness, crunchiness, freshness)
  • Shelflife stability
  • Adhesive properties
  • Natural whitening agent

Benefits of Rice Flours:

Benefits of Rice Starches:

BENEO’s rice starches outshine other naturally sourced starch with their small granule size of 2-8 μm. They bring taste & texture, fat reduction, clean label & organic solutions.

Benefits of Rice Proteins:

Remypro is all natural, gluten-free and hypo-allergenic with a higher biological value vs most other plant-based proteins. It offers texture & protein enrichment to many products.

In-depth information about our Rice Ingredients

Specialty rice ingredients brochure

Specialty rice ingredients brochure

Meet the highest food quality standards with our specialy rice ingredients, an all-round solution.

Gluten-free batters and doughs

Gluten-free batters and doughs

Gluten-free recipe in support of reduced breakage, enhanced crispness and shelf life extension.

Inspiring product concepts
Inspiring concepts

Inspiring rice product concepts

Inspiring ideas offer new angles of product positioning towards consumers & market insights. They are substantiated by science and come with a regulatory guideline.

Inspiring product recipes

Inspiring rice product recipes

Concepts are worked out by a team of dedicated food application technologists into concrete recipes that we share with you after extensive testing on lab.

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