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This page was created in 2018, the facts and figures shown on this page might not be the most recent market data.

Natural, Texturising Solutions With BENEO’s Orafti® Inulin And Rice Starch

Athletes fueling up on game-changing carbohydrates

Do you want to formulate healthier foods and kick out artificial ingredients?

Appeal to all kinds of palates with the best from nature and create perfectly smooth textures in sauces, cream cheese or ice cream with less fat. Formulating a mouthfeel that is spot-on requires you to balance taste, viscosity and density,… the key to making or breaking the overall sensation of foods.

People want their food to be healthy, natural, transparent and – without compromise – simply delicious. As they take it personally, so do we! Let us help you to (re)formulate your recipe with our range of naturally functional ingredients, while remaining true to the unique experience and mouthfeel your brand represents.

Highly performing native rice starch Remypure S52

BENEO Clean label dressings and sauces

Remypure is the newest addition to our range: a clean label ingredient solution in support of balanced and highly indulgent water-based foods with less fat.

This functional native rice starch stands out because of its tolerance to severe processing conditions (low pH, high temperature, high shear). It is the clean label solution that squeezes into the most difficult applications: dressings and sauces where it helps create extremely stable (shelf life, freeze-thaw), smooth, full textures and reduce fat content.

Rice starch consists of amylose and amylopectin, branched polymers of glucose molecules.

Amylose is usually unbranched. Thanks to its branched appearance in rice starch, it allows for gel structures and textures with excellent stability.

The length of the outer chains of amylopectin influences shelf-life and freeze-thaw stability. Medium length outer chains (composed of 16 to 22 glucose molecules) promote retrogradation, but as they are less common in rice amylopectin, higher stability and improved shelf life can be achieved.

Clean, lean, full enjoyment with Orafti® Inulin

BENEO Fat and sugar-reduced ice cream.

Particularly the long Orafti® chains are relevant for fat replacement, as they have a neutral taste and solubility below 1 %. They offer a similar creaminess to fat in water-based foods.

In dairy processing (and other applications) high shear resulting from homogenization causes the inulin particles to be dispersed in the water and form particles similar in size to fat globules. As such they mimic its functionality, giving body, mouthfeel and creaminess without affecting taste. More inulin and shear will result in more creaminess. Inulin can be applied for fat replacement to up 100 %.

What is clean in the consumer’s eye?

BENEO Natural ingredients are on trend.

The trend is set. Clean label foods have become a key item in consumers’ shopping cart. Transparency and natural formulations fuel their trust as is reflected in the rise of clean and more natural product launches, which have attained a world average annual growth rate of 15 % (2012-2017).

Consumers agree that the fewer ingredients, the better. They keep a close eye out for products with a no additives/ no preservatives claim and have grown particularly wary of chemically sounding foods and formulations they are unfamiliar with. There is, however, no exact definition of what clean label entails. The overall consensus is that clean foods should contain recognizable, natural ingredients, be minimally processed, healthier and explicit about provenance.

The more natural the better

BENEO The more natural the better

On average three in five worldwide shop foods with natural claims and believe natural ingredients equal healthier foods.

Consumers want to cut down on fat

BENEO infographic Consumers want to cut down on fat

Half of Latin Americans tries to cut down on fat & two in five Germans are influenced by low/reduced fat claims on pack.

Taste is key

BENEO infographic Taste is key, clean label rice starch

Four in five Americans says taste strongly impacts their purchase decision.

Inspiring product concepts on texturising solutions

BENEO concept supreme ice cream

Fat-reduced ice cream with Orafti® chicory root fibres

Less fat and more fibre equal more carefree indulgence. Innovative product and ingredient ideation based on consumer insights and recipes..

BENEO concept authentic dressing

All-natural dressing with clean label rice starch

All-natural ingredient sourcing with a full, smooth mouthfeel. Innovative product and ingredient ideation based on consumer insights and recipes.

Webinar about clean label texturisers

In-depth information about natural, texturising solutions

Clean label rice starch in dressing sauces

Highly stable dressings/sauces clean label rice starch

Recipe and test results about the processing performance of Remypure, functional native rice starch, creating a window of opportunity for all-natural dressings and sauces.

Clean label rice starch in dressing sauces

Label-friendly sugar and fat-reduced ice cream

Recipes, ideation and organoleptic test results about the application of Orafti®, chicory root fibres in better-for-you ice cream.

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