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BENEO’s Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (scFOS) is a dietary fibre syrup, produced from beet sugar by enzymatic re-arrangement. Thanks to its mild sweet taste and high solubility, scFOS can be applied in a wide variety of applications without compromise on taste and texture. Our European-based production line (Germany) is a dedicated facility, making this new ingredient available for all our customers on a global scale.  

Nutritional benefits:

Nutritional properties

Using scFOS means replacing sugar while adding dietary fibre. This in turn improves the nutritional profile of a product, allowing manufacturers to achieve a better score for front-of-pack nutrition labelling systems worldwide.  

Did you know, for example, that just 3 grams of scFOS delivers the same amount of fibre as 1 banana? 

  • Dietary fibre: Not digested by human enzymes in the small intestine 
  • Low glycaemic: Not digested in the small intestine and thus no glucose release 
  • Low caloric: Not digested in the small intestine but fermented in the large intestine. Providing 2kcal/g (= half the carbohydrate calories) 

Sugar out and fibre in – Nutritionally balanced sugar replacer 

With a sweetness level of ±50%, Beneo-scFOS offers a mild sweet taste and only half the calories as sucrose. It has sugar-like technical properties, is well-balanced and without any after-taste.  

Thanks to its sugar-like physical properties, Beneo-scFOS allows for a good fruit flavour release in e.g. fruit preparations and can be used as natural bulk sweetener ingredient: adding both to texture and body of the finished product. With a similar viscosity as sucrose and a high solubility (>80%) this sugar-replacer is easily formulated in all kinds of applications such as bakery, dairy, and cereals; thus, enhancing the nutritional profile. 

Baked goods: Humectant properties 

Apart from being a natural sugar replacer, BENEO-scFOS can act as humectant: keeping baked goods (e.g. cereal bars) softer and hence securing a longer shelf life. This soluble fibre syrup helps to better control water mobility in the formulation matrix, which ultimately leads to lesser crystallization of starch and softer baked goods.

Product range short chain FOS:

Fibre content
Relative Sweetness
Product Name
Fibre content
Relative Sweetness
Liquid short chain fructo-oligosaccharide

Find out how scFOS boost your health

Fruit yoghurt concept with scFOS

Based on market insights, substantiated by research and regulations checked: an inspiring idea to innovate in the classic dairy segment. Reduced sugar and added fibre thanks to the formulation with scFOS. As smooth and creamy product offer to bring you’re your consumers.

Chewy muesli bar concept with scFOS

Inspiring ideas offering new angles of product development with scFOS in the cereals segment. Based on market insights, these offer you new angles to play towards consumers. They are substantiated by science and come with a regulatory guideline.

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