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Consumers’ health consciousness and expectations towards today’s food are continuously rising. Health professionals need to be in a position to give guidance to both consumers and food manufacturers. The BENEO-Institute offers access on the physiology and the latest nutrition science as well as on legislative aspects related to BENEO ingredients. With this expertise BENEO supports health professionals and food and drink manufacturers in innovations that are substantiated with nutritional science.

The BENEO-Institute’s work includes:

• Nutritional research and peer-reviewed articles
• Position papers on nutritional and regulatory topics
• International research conferences and workshops
• Consultancy with respect to regulations and nutrition communication
• Support and advice in product composition
• Participation in joint/collaborative research projects


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Knowledgeable and active in the megatrends of nutrition.

Our in-depth knowledge of nutrition is one important part of what we offer to our customers and partners. With this we continue supporting product innovation based on scientific evidence to facilitate the launch of new products. We are interested in exchange, aiming to inspire partners and be inspired to help increase the knowledge of how important healthy nutrition is and how good it can taste.


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Experienced in regulatory frameworks worldwide.

The food and feed industry is continuously seeing a number of legislative changes. Ongoing communication with authorities, opinion leaders, industry associations and our network of specialists allows us to closely monitor and comment on the regulatory framework – both on a national and international level. This knowledge will not only help in complying with legislation, it is also of great value when tapping into new markets.

The latest BENEO-Institute news.

Real-life scientific study demonstrates BENEO’s ingredients suit a personalised nutrition approach.
Real-life scientific study demonstrates BENEO’s ingredients suit a personalised nutrition approach.

A recently published study conducted by Perfood GmbH, Germany, in collaboration with the University of Lübeck, Germany, demonstrates that BENEO ingredients support a personalised nutrition approach.
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New Article published on The Digest on how Prebiotics affect metabolic health.
New Article published on The Digest on how Prebiotics affect metabolic health.

On Oct. 26, 2019 the Research Dietetic Practice Group hosted a continuing education symposium sponsored by BENEO-Institute. A featured speech by Dr. Raylene Reimer focusing on prebiotics and metabolic health was published in the latest issue of The Digest.
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Covid-19 crisis throws spotlight on diet and blood glucose control.
Covid-19 crisis throws spotlight on diet and blood glucose control.

Many existing food and nutrition trends have been accelerated by the pandemic crisis – and one of them is the big challenge of blood sugar management.
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BENEO at FNCE®: The latest on prebiotics and gut microbiome.
BENEO at FNCE®: The latest on prebiotics and gut microbiome.

Learn how to use prebiotic chicory root fibers in your daily practice or company to address dysbiosis and improve digestive health, bone health, blood glucose response, manage weight and inner defense.
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Prebiotic chicory root fibre maintains children’s microbiota.
Prebiotic chicory root fibre maintains children’s microbiota.

New study reveals that prebiotic chicory root fibre can maintain microbiota balance in children – even following antibiotic treatment
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Prebiotics, the power of the gut microbiome

Prebiotics: Harnessing the power of the gut microbiome.

Dr. Hannah Holscher, University of Illinois, spoke at Today’s Dietitian Symposium 2022 on prebiotics, the gut microbiome and how they can influence protective functions, vital to human health. Prebiotics have a positive effect on the intestinal microbiome to improve digestive health, support weight management, glycaemic control and bone health. This guide to proven prebiotics also identifies ways of increasing prebiotic fibre consumption in the diet to support health.

Watch the prebiotic webinar

Related video.

Healthy Ageing, more than eating well and staying active

Healthy Ageing. More than eating well and staying active.

Improving dietary quality and promoting physical activity are vital to improve the health span of older adults, but what does research show about the use of BENEO’s functional ingredients, such as Isomaltulose and chicory root fibres to help lower disease risk and improve health outcomes? Time to talk about it – the United Nations “Health Ageing Decade” has already begun. Listen in to Chris Rosenbloom as she takes us through taking small steps toward healthier aging.
Watch the healthy ageing video

Information for health professionals.

Paper: Healthy Ageing: beyond the usual advice to eat well and stay active

Is there more to healthy ageing than nutrition and exercise?

Scientifically supported health-related benefits of functional fibres and carbohydrates for the silver generation.


BENEO prebiotics and palatinose in infancy childhood and adolescence.

Prebiotics and Palatinose™ in infancy, childhood and adolescence.

Benefits of choosing smart ingredients for an important life span development.


Stronger inner defence with prebiotic chicory root fibres

Inner defence support with prebiotic chicory root fibres.

How do prebiotic oligofructose and inulin help to strengthen our inner defence system? The support of beneficial bacteria is key!


BENEO Paper - Chicory root fibre, healthy gut microbiota and more

Chicory root fibre, healthy gut microbiota and more.

The prebiotic concept with Orafti® fibres (inulin, oligofructose/FOS): – A healthy gut flora and the physiological benefits.


Improved metabolism and health with Palatinose™

Improved metabolism and health with Palatinose™.

Palatinose™ – a unique slow-release carbohydrate for sustained energy, lower blood glucose and insulin response and a higher level of fat burning.



Important publications – chicory root fibres.

Physiological benefits – prebiotic chicory root fibres – important references for the scientific background!


Palatinose key references-US FNCE

Palatinose™-The carbohydrate with unique properties!

Palatinose™ – the slow release carbohydrate for improved metabolism and health.


Dietaryfiber Questions and Answers

Dietary fibres Q&A: digestion, digestive tolerance and more.

Frequently asked questions related to dietary fibres in general and to some specific dietary fibres, such as chicory root fibre, for a quick orientation.


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Visit www.isomaltulose.org

Isomaltulose – a unique combination of physiological properties.

Isomaltulose is a fully digestible, slow-release carbohydrate, which offers a variety of health benefits for energy management, individual performance and long-term health.

VISIT www.isomaltulose.org

BENEO www.dietaryfiber.org

Chicory root fibre (Inulin & Oligofructose) and digestive health.

Find out more about the physiological benefits associated with chicory root fiber – from the prebiotic effect to weight management, infant nutrition, increased calcium absorption and more.

VISIT www.dietaryfiber.org

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