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Healthier Carbohydrates | Healthier Living

Graphic - 50% of daily energy intake should come from carbs

Living a healthy and balanced life every day goes hand in hand with the foods we choose. A full life is only complete when you can enjoy and savour every second of it. This means as much enjoying the food we eat as finding the energy in between meals to perform our daily activities and routine.

67% of US consumers believe that carbs are an essential part of a balanced diet. According to the World Health Organization , 55 – 75% of our daily energy intake should come from carbohydrates. They are the nutrients we eat the most and we are right in doing so because they supply the body with glucose, the primary fuel to live, think and be active.

Consumer strategies of carb consumption

The popularity of low carb and keto diets have put the spotlight on carbohydrates, leading to increasingly educated consumers and queries for open on-pack communication about the quality of carbs and added functionality to high-carb foods.

According to research, consumers display four different types of behaviour when it comes to the way they handle their intake. There are some who prefer to eat better and greener carbohydrates, while others slim down on quantity. A third group happily and honestly consume carbohydrates as a kind of treat and/or in moderation and a fourth group consciously turn to them to fulfil their daily energy needs.

What is the ideal carb?

Better and greener carbs
Low or slow carbs
Carbs for indulgence
Carbs for energy

Good and bad carbohydrates / A question of quality

Graphic - Which carbohydrates are right?

Which carbohydrates are right? The truth is that there are no bad carbs for the right needs nor when consumed in moderation, still on average slow-release carbs that have a low glycaemic impact will help you perform at the top of your abilities and benefit you in the long run.

BENEO offers a range of low-glycaemic carbs with enhanced health benefits. Palatinose™ and Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose go beyond delivering carbohydrate energy and help food manufacturers move into the segment of functional nutrition (mainstream and specialised) that does not compromise taste. In contrast to fast carbs they are more slowly absorbed and provide the body with sustained energy and fibre.

Sustained energy and optimised performance

Consumers globally are actively looking for food and drinks that improve their daily performance and increase their energy level. 60% of US consumers are aware that some carbs are more slowly released than others and about one in two believe that these are the kind of carbs that are better for their health.

Palatinose™ is a perfect source of carbohydrate energy: steady and balanced. It provides its glucose content in a more sustained way. This allows the body to make better use of its existing body fat storage and to keep you going longer. Read more about energy management.

Indulgence and weight control

Taste is of key importance when it comes to carb intake. 19% of US consumers say carbs make them feel good. There will in fact always be room in consumers’ lives for treats and indulgence, but they are more likely to be forgiving about carbohydrate content if the product contains an added energy benefit.

Orafti® Inulin helps to reduce fast sugars and Palatinose™ helps to replace them. Both ingredients have a sugar-like texture and add functionality to bakery and cereal products alongside many others. Being slowly digested Palatinose™ reduces cravings and allows the body to run on its proper fat and energy storage. Read more about sugar replacement and weight management.

Slow and fast carbohydrates in the consumer’s eye

One of the top 5 unresolved health problems worldwide is lack of energy and fatigue. Not all carbs will deliver the same amount or the same kind of energy however. Raised awareness has led consumers to looking for ways to get through the day and improve their daily performance.

Let them relax and indulge in carb foods that deliver sustained energy corresponding with their energy demands.

The ideal carbs provides the right kind of energy
Different carbohydrates have a different effect
Select food to enhance energy levels

Find out what consumers think about slow carbs

We asked consumers in the Americas what they thought about their knowledge on slow and fast carbs and introduced Palatinose™. What did they understand, and what qualities appealed to them? Here are some of their responses.

Taking the pulse: blood sugar management

Change in blood glucose graphic

New product launches with a low-glycaemic claim are at the dawn of a breakthrough on the North and South American market. 43% of NPLs in snacks (North America) and 14% of NPLs in bakery and sweet spreads carried such a claim. (2019-20). Especially in Latin America, showing high diabetes rates, improved blood sugar management and interest in low-sugar and low-glycaemic food and drinks is rapidly gaining consumer awareness. Slow-release carbohydrates are the fast track to a balanced and healthier life. Palatinose™ and Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose help to keep their glucose levels in rein and at a steady low without refraining completely from the occasional snack.

Americas are concerned about blood sugar levels
Lower impact on blood sugar levels
Improving blood sugar levels

The importance of a healthy lifestyle

38% of global consumers said that they will seek out fortified and functional food and drinks with added health-enhancing ingredients and eat more healthily post-corona. COVID 19 has put inner wellbeing and self-health strategies high on consumers’ agenda. Consumers would like to hear more about disease prevention and building inner strength in relation to nutrition from their favourite food brands.

Consumer research points out that prebiotic fibres are often associated with improved immunity. Scientific evidence and research strongly suggest that low-glycaemic carbohydrates and prebiotic fibres help to support overall health. They are therefore an opportunity for the industry to engage in an open-end conversation about the healthful impact of the ingredients used in the foods consumers choose.

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Healthy living goes hand in hand with making smart food choices. To enjoy life means savouring the food we eat and finding the energy to perform our daily activities. For this, you need carbs – make sure you chose the right ones!

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