Poultry Ingredients With Nutritional Benefits

Our naturally sourced ingredients are a safe and effective solution for the development of various compound or complementary poultry feeds and specialty pre-starter concepts for very young chicks. They help to improve profitability and the bird’s performance. In addition, they contribute to more sustainable nutrition by successfully supporting intestinal health and by reducing dependency on animal-based or synthetic feed ingredients.

Also discover the technological benefits of our BeneoCarb S in poultry feed: good pelletising aid, easy to mix in various types of feed and many others.

Functional Fibres for healthier gut microbiota and improved digestion

Over the past decades global poultry research revealed that chicory root fibres benefit the bird’s health, body development and performance throughout all stages of life.

In broilers and fattening turkeys, chicory root fibres significantly improve growth performance and result in better carcass percentage and (tibia) bone health.

In commercial laying hens, chicory root fibres significantly improve egg weight and quality (stronger eggshells and healthier fatty acids), laying rate and feed conversion. On top, they also enhance the fertility and hatchability rate of broiler breeder eggs.

Nutritional benefits of our functional fibres:

  • Optimal microbiota and intestinal architecture
  • Supported intestinal immunity
  • Increased overall nutrient and mineral utilisation
  • Higher (early life) performance
  • Improved lipid metabolism (egg/ body composition)
  • Improved faecal health & hygiene of end products

High quality plant proteins for fast-growing sensitive chicks

Our premium vegetable proteins can be used to optimise nutrient-dense poultry feed. Their particular nutritional content is of great value to fast-growing, sensitive chicks with high nutritional requirements and an immature digestive tract.

Nutritional benefits of our vital wheat gluten:

  • Safe and concentrated source of plant protein
  • Exceptional digestibility for young chicks
  • Well-balanced amino acid profile
  • Absence of anti-nutritional factors and low in excess nutrients
  • Sustainable alternative to animal protein

To get more information about our Rice Protein, visit the chapter on Specialty Rice Ingredients.

Specialty Rice Ingredients: a highly digestible source of energy

Our rice flour can be applied to various poultry diets. This feed ingredient acts as a concentrated energy source that matches the nutritional needs of sensitive chicks.

Nutritional benefits of our rice flours

  • Highly digestible source of carbohydrates (unique starch granule size)
  • Absence of anti-nutritional factors and low in excess nutrients
  • Good source of energy thanks to being rich in fully digestible
    (amylose-type) starches
  • Better synchronisation of dietary amino acids and energy supply
    (protein sparing effect)

Nutritional benefits of our rice protein:

  • Highly digestible source of protein
  • Interesting amino acid profile
  • Ideal source of protein for young and sensitive chicks

Functional Carbohydrates for a concentrated energy supply

BeneoCarb S (isomaltulose molasses) is a unique functional syrup with an exceptionally low viscosity. Being low in ash, it is an economical, qualitative alternative to vegetal oils such as feed dust binder or pellet binder. In addition, the slowly digestible carbohydrates support the bird’s performance.

Nutritional benefits of our BeneoCarb S:

  • Pure, concentrated source of carbohydrates
  • Exceptional low ash content and viscosity
  • Rich in slow-release sugars (low-glycaemic)
  • Prolonged, yet complete carbohydrate digestion
  • Ideal source of energy for fast-growing, maturing chicks

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Orafti® fibres for modern poultry production

Orafti® fibres for modern poultry production

All about the feed ingredient that supports gut health, immunity, chick development and overall bird performance.

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