Palatinose™ and Isomalt | For Weight and Energy Management

BENEO Functional Carbohydrates from Sugar Beet

The intake of high amounts of high-glycaemic carbohydrates (starches, maltodextrin, sucrose) seems to involve potential health risks in the long term.

Obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease are on the rise and often accounted for by consumers’ eating habits. As the World Health Organization recommends that 50-60 % of daily food intake should consist of carbohydrates, a careful approach to quality or glycaemic profile is not unimportant.

Today’s consumers expect food to contribute to their general fitness. They are also increasingly aware of the functionalities of carbohydrates in terms of digestibility, caloric value, glycaemic response or influence on the use of fat or glycogen storages. The qualities of BENEO’s functional carbohydrates make them highly suitable in support of weight and energy management.

The digestibility of carbohydrates differs quite a lot. This affects nutritional value, e.g. caloric value, glycaemic response or the ability to influence the use of fat or glycogen storages, an important factor in sports nutrition. With Isomalt and Palatinose™ BENEO offers two unique and healthier functional carbohydrates.

Isomalt is the only sugar replacer made from pure beet sugar, that is non-cariogenic and has a natural taste and sweetness. Furthermore, Isomalt has only half the calories of beet sugar and a very low glycaemic response.

Palatinose™ is the only fully, yet slowly digestible and low-glycaemic carbohydrate. Thanks to being slowly absorbed, it provides energy in a balanced and prolonged way, as reflected in the curve representing its low and steady blood glucose response. Palatinose™ is derived from sucrose and has a very mild natural taste in addition to being non-cariogenic.

Food application examples with Palatinose™ and Isomalt

Isomalt is the world’s number one sugar replacer, enabling no-added sugar and toothfriendly hard candy. It is, moreover, an ideal ingredient in chewing gum coatings or centres and can act as a sugar replacer in chocolate, cereals and baked goods.

Palatinose™ works excellently in sports nutrition and many other functional foods and beverages because it provides sustained energy and increases fat oxidation. Its low hygroscopicity and high stability make it highly suitable for powder shakes and instant formulas. As such, Palatinose™ provides a source of balanced, yet full carbohydrate energy in support of specialised nutrition or a bright outlook on life.

Benefits of PalatinoseTM:

PalatinoseTM as slowly, yet fully, digestible carbohydrate provides steadier and sustained energy supply and supports fat oxidation. Incorporate it into many food for a balanced diet.

Benefits of Isomalt:

BENEO’s Isomalt is a sugar replacer from pure beet sugar that supports consumers dental health and blood glucose management. It is 100% sugar-free and only has half the calories.

Nutritional benefits:

Technical benefits:

  • Creating a natural, sugar-like sweetness
  • Offering very low hygroscopicity
  • Producing a good mouthfeel
  • Prolonging shelf life
  • Providing colour & temperature stability
  • Resisting fermentation
  • Unique in using sugar beet as natural source for sugar replacement

Video: Why are Palatinose™ and Isomalt toothfriendly?

Dental health: Non-cariogenic sugar replacement

Quality mark for safe teeth with ISOMALT and PalatinoseTM: highly stable carbohydrates resisting oral fermentation, for irresistible foods.

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In-depth information about functional carbohydrates

Nutritional paper: Blood sugar management

Nutritional paper: Blood sugar management

The impact of low-glycaemic carbohydrates and dietary fibres on blood glucose response and a healthier metabolism.

Functional Carbohydrates brochure

Functional carbohydrates brochure

Technically strong and naturally smart sugar replacement. Find out all about our range of slow-release and non-cariogenic carbohydrates, Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) and ISOMALT.

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Inspiring product concepts

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Inspiring product recipes

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