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galenIQ™: Enhancing Lozenges For Superior Taste And Effectiveness

galenIQ™ is a key ingredient that transforms the taste, texture, and effectiveness of medicated lozenges. It emerges as the secret behind their superior texture and taste. Its exceptional binding properties contribute to the formation of robust lozenges that dissolve slowly, releasing medication effectively and ensuring a sustained soothing experience. Our sweet excipient also serves as a coating agent that not only protects the integrity of the lozenge but also provides a pleasant, sweet taste. The result is a medicated lozenge that not only delivers the intended therapeutic benefits but also appeals to the palate.

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High boiled lozenges are better with galenIQ™ 

  • The number 1 excipient in sugar-free candies
  • Easy processing, only 1 main ingredient
  • Extremely stable
  • Sugar-like taste

galenIQ™ in pan coating

  • Easy processing
  • Stable pan coated final form
  • Delivers a sweet taste with smooth mouthfeel
  • Sugar-free

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