Ingredients For GLP-1 release, Fat Burning, Calorie, Sugar & Fat Reduction

Trying to stay on-top of one’s weight is a never-ending journey for many people in our society. Whether it is just to shed a few pounds or more, many individuals keep regular check on their weight. An alarming number of people are struggling with overweight or obesity and sometimes this is accompanied by metabolic diseases and risk factors like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Apart from regularly changing trendy diet plans, certain weight loss drugs using GLP-1-analogues receive more attention as they tackle the overweight and metabolism.  

Small daily changes in the diet, either accompanying or after discontinuation of weight loss diet plans and/or medication, can help to manage energy intake or increase fat burning. They and can even result in weight loss and better body composition while metabolic health is improved. 

Long-term, negative health effects from being overweight include chronic diseases and risk factors like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. This is why weight management is a key focus point when choosing foods and beverages. 

Consumers are increasingly aware of their dietary choices having a major impact on their metabolism and weight, thus influencing their overall health. Avoiding weight gain is as important as losing weight. That is why they are actively asking for nutritional products that support their weight management efforts. In addition, with the more extreme diets from weight loss plans, it becomes more vital to ensure every meal or snack offers the much-needed nutrition the body requires.  

With its range of functional ingredients (fibres, carbohydrates, wheat proteins and specialty rice ingredients), BENEO meets these expectations.

Palatinose™ – steering metabolism towards fat burning

Carbohydrate choice matters during and after weight loss. In contrast to fast available carbohydrates, BENEO’s slow release carbohydrate influences several parameters that contribute to weight loss: Palatinose™  promotes fat burning and the release of the beneficial gut hormone GLP-1 in overweight adults. GLP-1 is known for its positive effects on metabolism, including appetite reduction and weight management. Unlike traditional sucrose, Palatinose™ promotes higher GLP-1 levels even when consumed before a meal.  

Possible structure-function claims: “increased GLP-release” – “promotes fat oxidation”. 


Chicory root fibre – effect on satiety regulation

BENEO’s prebiotic fibre from the chicory root, such as Orafti® Synergy1 and Orafti® Oligofructose, support beneficial gut bacteria and promote satiety, aiding in reducing overall food intake. Research has shown that consuming 12 grams of BENEO’s Synergy1 daily can significantly reduce calorie intake..  

Possible structure-function claims: “Eat less” – “Reduced food intake” – “less calorie intake” – “weight management” – “keeping weight stable”. 


Calories count – go for less sugar

Studies have shown that on average, women and men gain up to 1 kg each year – simply by eating as little as respectively 4kcal/day and 13kcal/day over the required amount.

BENEO functional fibres can help to achieve excellent taste with less calories, thereby facilitating product development with healthier nutrient compositions and lower calorie counts. Furthermore, different categories of our fibres can act as low-caloric sugar replacer. While sugar contains 4 kcal/g, Orafti® Oligofructose and Orafti® scFOS contain just 1,5 kcal/g at most*.

Our smart, low calorie sugar replacer, Isomalt is mainly fermented in the colon, hence, the human body can only use less than 50 % of its energy. This explains its low caloric value of 2 kcal/g* at the most.

* Regulations for nutritional labelling of calories vary from country to country.

Calories count – go for less fat

Fat gives food delicious tastes and textures – but it comes with many calories! Though it is not difficult to create low-fat products, the challenge is to deliver a similar taste and mouthfeel as the initial full-fat-options.

Rice starch by BENEO is nutritionally well-balanced, facilitating low levels of fat and a creamy mouthfeel. This makes it the ideal fat replacer in all types of low fat foods with an appealing, creamy texture.

Furthermore, different categories of our Orafti® Inulin can mimic the sensorial characteristics of fat and thus can be fat replacers. While fat contains 9 kcal/g, our Orafti®HP and HPX contribute just 1.5 kcal/g*.

* Regulations for nutritional labelling of calories vary from country to country.

Paper: Innovate for better weight management


Ingredients in support of weight management

Calorie reduction, sugar and fat replacement, increased GLP-1 release, increased fat oxidation, satiety levels and low postprandial blood glucose response.

Effective weight management