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Positive Nutrition | Health As A Long-Term Goal

Attitudes towards health are evolving, with proactive consumers adopting more a prevention-over-cure approach and looking to address areas of wellbeing, even if they are not suffering from specific symptoms. Consumers are embracing the concept of healthy ageing and seeing health as something that is a long-term goal. We find for example that blood sugar management and hearth health are globally of high interest to consumers of all ages.  

The positive nutrition aspect of health in particular has been accelerated with the “food as medicine” concept coming to the fore. 1 in 2 consumers globally believes more strongly now that certain foods, beverages or ingredients have medicinal benefits. Protein and fibre are thriving as consumers become more aware of their nutritional benefits. Furthermore, consumers are interested in getting better energy from food and drinks to help improve their physical and mental health.   

Fuel your life: Positive nutrition products

Heart healthy cookies

Feel and taste a power of good with these yummy, heart healthy cookies. Made with a powerful blend of ancient whole grains they not only serve you a natural high fibre content, but they also help to control your cholesterol levels too. 

Delicious fruit yoghurt

This delicious fruit yoghurt tastes good and does good thanks to the powerful blend of pro- and prebiotics. Your good gut bacteria will get a boost, whilst the fruity flavour tantalizes the taste buds. YoGut, my partner for day-to-day happiness! 

GAME ON! Palatinose™ snack

Powered by Palatinose™, this snack bar delivers on taste, texture and energy needs. Nibble away and get the full energy load to play on in a more proportionate supply. The fruits and nuts add crunch and bring additional nutrients too. Snack like a pro, play like a pro! 

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