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Mental Wellbeing

Find a good mood with the right food

It is a well-known perception that food has an influence on mood and mental wellbeing. What we eat must raise our spirits, improve our mood or at least convince us we are having a good time. Indeed, a growing rate of consumers globally say to actively select food and drinks for mood improvement, and the global pandemic is only further accelerating the interest. This creates plenty of opportunities for functional and better-for-you food and drinks.

What’s more, 1 in 3 consumers globally say to look (much) more for products that increase energy levels in a sustained and balanced way, and 55% say to look (much) more for products that help improve mental wellbeing. Also, the relationship between mental health and gut health is growing, becoming another potential benefit to promote.

It is now, more than ever, a good time to promote such health benefits, and BENEO’s functional ingredients can help with that. Check out what our functional fibres, carbohydrates, proteins or specialty rice ingredients can do for your product.

Elevating mental wellbeing with inspiring products

Refresh & Relax Sundowner RTD Tea.

Refresh & Relax Sundowner RTD Tea

Enjoy a moderately sweet sundowner drink for a relaxing evening. Refuel from your active day with protein, natural fibre and Palatinose™, a slow-release alternative sugar that has only a gentle impact on your blood sugar levels and supports a healthier lifestyle. The perfect balance of natural ingredients for mental wellbeing.

Happy Mood Cracker.

Happy Mood Cracker

Snack consciously and support a happy tummy thanks to prebiotic fibre from chicory roots. It is the perfect bite to grab during work, while studying or when looking for something nutritious in between meals to feel good from the inside out. It is low in fat and plant powered – what else do you need to uplift your mood?

A unique coffee experience, naturally-sourced chicory root fibre

Relax Renew Revive

Support your inner balance and feel energized with a unique and tasteful coffee experience. Thanks to naturally-sourced chicory root fibre, Happy Sips promote digestive wellness to relax, renew and revive from within with every sip.