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Plant preference.

Vegan and plant-based: consumers are loving it.

Plant-based nutrition has been on the rise since a few years, driven by consumers’ desire for more healthy and sustainable food and drink products.

Today the vegan claim especially is recording a steady increase in new product innovation activities. But if you want to tap into a more mainstream audience, like flexitarians, the plant-based claim may find more appeal.

Globally 1 in 4 consumers can identify with the flexitarian diet, which means they very often eat vegetarian, but still include meat and fish dishes too. These consumers with a plant preference are typically a very health-conscious audience to cater to, but they also consider taste, texture and variety as key factors for future buys.

BENEO’s view on plant-based nutrition.

Vegan and plant-based: consumers are loving it.

Webinar: The flexitarian consumer, a conscious food adventurer.

In this webinar we take a closer look at:
• A deep dive into plant-based innovations,
• The flexitarian lifestyle,
• Find plant-inspired concepts and recipes for dairy, meat and chocolate alternatives.

Watch webinar

From plant to plate: what matters to consumers?

Plant-based product concepts.

Creamy dairy-free coffee sensation with our rice-based coffee creamer

Rice coffee creamer.

Love it plant-based and enjoy a creamy dairy-free coffee sensation with our rice-based coffee creamer. It is not only allergen-free and easy to digest, but can also be easily blended with flavours due to its pure and neutral taste.

Love it plant-based

Concept for a creamy plant-based cashew spread

Creemy cashew spread.

Make your everyday meals and snacks feel as good as they taste. This cashew spread is purely plant-based and impresses with its creaminess, flavour and health benefits due to its high fibre content. For a delicious, wholesome and satisfying snack to enjoy any time!

Creemy cashew spread

Choc bar delightfully dairy-free

Delightfully Dairy-free!

Bite into a vegan, rice-based choc treat for the full indulgence. A smooth and sweet plant-based alternative to your traditional milk chocolate. An ideal answer to the plant preference trend.

Mmmylk choc bar

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