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Consumers recognize that gut health is key to achieving holistic wellbeing.

The attention towards healthy nutrition has been increasing steadily over the past decades, with one health aspect being highly relevant to the consumer: their digestive wellness. ​Today, 1 in 2 consumers across the globe say to frequently look for foods to improve the digestion.

Consumers spontaneously position their gut as the central location where overall health departs. One of the reasons for this association is the mounting science around the microbiome. Experts also often refer to it as the ‘second brain’ which has its very own nervous system and we want to keep that healthy.

Generally, fibre is the most accepted and recognized gut health ingredient among consumers. But did you know that prebiotics are the fibres by excellence having a positive impact on the microbiome? The global consumer awareness of prebiotics has steadily grown over the years, from 34 in 2018 to 39% in 2022. Chicory root fibres are the only proven plant-based prebiotics which have been extensively researched for more than 20 years and are still growing strong in today’s new product innovations.

Webinar: Understanding the prebiotic market.

Understanding the prebiotic market

In this webinar we take a closer look at:
• Consumers taking a more proactive approach to health,
• The understanding of the gut microbiome and prebiotics,
• The power and unique role of chicory root fibre.

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Listening to your gut feeling:

Gut power product concepts.

Concept good inside bar

Good inside bar.

Here’s a cereal bar full of flavour, fibre and function. Its recipe is reduced in sugar, while the prebiotic fibre adds up to the recommended daily intake and keeps your gut in balance. That’s gut stuff!

Good inside bar

Concept a good source of prebiotic fibre

Breakfast milk drink.

Rise and shine with this tasty, prebiotic milk drink. It comes with a unique blend of essential vitamins and prebiotic chicory root fibre to take care of your inner wellbeing right from the start of the day.

Breakfast milk drink

For a happy gut everyday

Happy gut cottage cheese.

Say cheese to your inner wellbeing! This tasty cottage cheese is loaded with good stuff, including prebiotic fibre to take care of your digestive health from the inside out. It’s the perfect everyday snack to outsmart your hunger and naturally support your inner wellbeing.

Happy gut cottage cheese

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