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Consumers Are Changing Their Snacking Habits For The Better 

Over the last few years we have seen increasing consumer interest in bringing together both health and indulgence (conscious indulgence) in the same bite. Globally, two thirds of shoppers say it is important that snacks offer a nutritional boost, something which will significantly influence the choice of products they turn to. 

Nutrition labelling systems such as Nutri-score or traffic lights are also to be considered as influential on one’s food and drink choice. Brands and retailers are adopting them today voluntarily, allowing consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions, even with snacks.

It is important to recognize though that irrespective of health goals, people are unwilling to compromise on taste, texture and overall experience. Better-for-you products will need to prove their worth. BENEO can help upgrade products for each moment of the day! 

Inspiring concepts on conscious indulgence

Plant-based Chick'less bites

Plant-based Chick’less bites

Enjoy this veggie twist to the traditional chicken nugget. Loaded with faba beans, these bites bring you a good source of plant protein and fibre whilst also delivering a flavourful taste. A real crowd-pleaser made from nature’s best. 

Sugar-free toffees

Sugar-free toffees

Go on and treat yourself to these sweet and creamy toffee candies. They are an irresistible and guilt-free indulgence that will leave you with a delicious buttery taste, all without a sugar load thanks to Isomalt. 

Low in sugar yoghurt

Low in sugar yoghurt

With a commitment to your well-being, our recipe combines the goodness of yoghurt with a rich infusion of dietary fibres. At the same time, it has a reduced sugar content without compromising on flavour or using any artificial sweeteners. A naturally delicious and nutritious recipe! 

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