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Chicory root fibre, healthy gut microbiota and more.

Digestive health is a wellness matter and consumer awareness on the beneficial effects of dietary fibre is growing.

BENEO’s functional chicory root fibres open new doors to sugar and fat-reduced foods with a nutritional plus. Besides being highly soluble and having processing texturising properties similar to sucrose, they also allow for two EFSA health claims for improving digestive wellbeing and supporting lower blood glucose response.Orafti® fibres (inulin, oligofructose/FOS) are sourced from the chicory root. They are not only among the most researched prebiotics, but also belong to the very few scientifically proven prebiotics. Several physiological health benefits are related to their fermentation in the large intestine. These include digestive health, bowel regularity, improved calcium absorption, weight and blood sugar management and improved calcium absorption. “Chicory root fibers – supporting a healthy gut microbiota and beyond” provides an overview of the related, most relevant health effects.

Chicory root fibres in support of gut microbiota and more


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