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Improved metabolism and health with Palatinose™.

PalatinoseTM is sourced from the sugar beet. It is a slow-release carbohydrate that occurs also naturally in honey and sugar cane juice though in smaller quantities. It enables sugar replacement without changes to the production process whilst imparting a mild, natural sweetness.

Paper on the impact on overall health and scientific insights on reducing the risk of developing metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease (GI of 32). Unique benefit of promoting fat oxidation thanks to the lower insulin response compared to other high-glycaemic carbohydrates.Palatinose™ is made from sugar beet and occurs naturally in honey. Numerous health benefits are associated with Palatinose™ as a result of its slow and yet full digestibility. These range from a sustained energy supply and a low and balanced blood glucose profile to an increase in fat oxidation. It also does not promote tooth decay. Our Palatinose™ brochure provides an overview of the related, most relevant health benefits.


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