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galenIQTM, the sweet pharmaceutical excipient.

galenIQTM is a highly functional filler and binder, characterized by its ease of use and applicability to a wide range of solid and liquid dosage forms such as tablets, sachets, lozenges and syrups. It is manufactured under cGMP conditions according to IPEC-PQG requirements for pharmaceutical excipients and complies with the current Ph. Eur., BP, USP-NF and JP monographs for Isomalt. galenIQTM is known for its outstanding taste properties and makes medicine taste great.

galenIQTM – the sweet pharmaceutical excipient
galenIQ™ is a highly functional filler and binder from BENEO
BENEO galenIQ chewable gum
galenIQ™ is a highly functional filler and binder from BENEO
galenIQ™ is a highly functional filler and binder from BENEO
BENEO galenIS wet granulation
BENEO galenIQ probiotic tablet
BENEO galenIQ sirup
BENEO galenIQ powder blend
BENEO galenIQ mini tablet
BENEO galenIQ lozenge tablet
galenIQ high boiled lozenge from BENEO
BENEO galenIQ effervescent tablet

Tailor-made solutions for various applications:

  • Chewable Tablet
  • Sachet / Stick Pack
  • Powder Blend
  • Lozenge Tablet
  • Probiotic Tablet
  • Mini Tablet
  • Effervescent Tablet
  • Wet Granulation
  • High Boiled Lozenge
  • Oil Carrier
  • Pan Coating
  • Syrup

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galenIQTM product range.

Agglomerated galenIQ 720

  • galenIQTM 721
    High soluble grade with exceptional taste properties – ideal for a broad variety of applications, such as chewable tablets, sachet fillings and many more.
  • galenIQTM 720
    Slowly dissolving grade, most commonly used in lozenge tablets.
Sieved galenIQ 960

  • galenIQTM 801
    A highly soluble refined grade, ideal throughout agglomeration and granulation processes.
  • galenIQTM 800
    Water soluble refined grades, ideal throughout agglomeration and granulation processes.
Sieved galenIQ 960

  • galenIQTM 960
    Ideal diluent and starter pellet for capsule fillings.
  • galenIQTM 981
    Best choice for sugar-free pan-coatings.
  • galenIQTM 900
    Ideal for high-boiled lozenges, leading to a very stable glass matrix.

The latest BENEO Pharma news.

Webinar about galenIQ™.

Webinar about galenIQ™

Ask the Expert.

BENEO’s experts talk about consumer trends and demands and discover innovative ways galenIQ™ is used to answer to these needs. This webinar is a collaboration of BENEO with Pharma Excipients and offers insights that will inspire new product development.

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How to formulate medicine that tastes better?

Experts present: How to formulate medicine that tastes better?

With galenIQ™ you enhance the overall taste and mouthfeel of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Discover applications and trends in formulation.

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Overcoming the excipient challenge with the filler-binder galenIQ™

Overcome the excipient challenge with a multifunctional filler-binder.

Get to learn more about trends in excipients and why the right filler-binder can make all the difference!


galenIQ™: How to combine excellent taste and functionality.

galenIQTM: How to combine excellent taste and functionality.

BENEO’s sweet filler binder, galenIQ™, delivers multiple benefits: It improves tablet production, overcomes compression challenges and ensures patient compliance.

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galenIQ™ - The sweet pharmacuetical excipient filler

galenIQTM Brochure.

Discover all about our sweet, pharma-grade filler-binder.


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galenIQ™ makes sachet production easy.

When developing dry blends for use in sachets, it is crucial that the powder mixture flows precisely and cleanly into the pouch for accurate dosage and proper sealing. Watch the video and discover how using the right excipient makes this possible. And it tastes great, too!

Formulating Probiotics with galenIQ™

Formulation of probiotics with galenIQ™.

Probiotics are live microorganisms promoted as having health benefits when consumed.  Probiotic supplements are available as tablets, capsules and powders.  galenIQ™ 721 is a highly functional excipient and the perfect carrier for these probiotic preparations.  galenIQ™ – the sweet filler-binder that makes probiotic supplements taste good.

Confection-based tablet of oily plant extracts with galenIQ™

Confection-based tablet of oily plant extracts with galenIQ™.

Oily plant extracts are difficult to formulate into a tablet. GalenIQ™ is a filler-binder that helps to make this process easier and has also very good effects on palatability. GalenIQ™ makes tablets taste better.
See the positive effects of using galenIQ™ in your formulation in the following video.

galenIQ Mini Tablets

Process great tasting minitablets with ease.

Watch our video about the benefits and application of galenIQ™ in minitablets and oro-dispersible tablets.

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