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Prebiotic chicory root fibres to fibre up your inner wellbeing.

Concepts to inspire you.
Concepts to inspire you.

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Consumers recognise the benefits of prebiotics.
Consumers recognise the benefits of prebiotics.

Consumer video’s, live statements and how they can be categorised.
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What the experts say… Nutrition is key!
What the experts say… Nutrition is key!

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Recipe papers with prebiotics!
Recipe papers with prebiotics!

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The role that nutrition can play in one’s health has moved on from being purely physical.  Consumers are increasingly interested in what it can mean for their emotional wellbeing as well. “Feeling good” can mean many things to different people, such as being comfortable (relaxed, at ease, not strained) and being in a good mood (happy, satisfied, joyful, optimistic).

There is a growing interest in the effect that fibres have on our feeling of wellbeing. As much as 50% of consumers worldwide believe the gut microbiome influences their overall health.

More specifically, at BENEO we are convinced our prebiotic fibres can have a beneficial effect on people’s quality of life. Our food scientists developed a multitude of recipes to bring a prebiotic benefit into a wide variation of products. BENEO brings that feel good factor to your table!

What the experts say… Nutrition is key!

BENEO Whiteboard Video Prebiotic Effect

Video: The digestive health benefits of prebiotics

Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose are dietary fibres that support a healthy digestive function and overall feeling of wellbeing.

BENEO’s chicory root fibre is a natural plant-based, proven prebiotic. With a significant amount of high quality science, it fulfils the latest definition of a prebiotic: “a substrate that is selectively utilized by host microorganisms conferring a health benefit”. In a recent consensus statement, ISAPP established that the only dietary fibres that can be called “scientifically proven prebiotics” are galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and fructans, such as Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose.

BENEO paper prebiotic fibres and inner wellbeing

Paper: Nutritional insights to inner wellbeing and quality of life.

Feeling good is all encompassing; ranging from selective growth of beneficial bacteria to the mood status and ones perspective on quality of life.


Infographic: Intrinsic health benefits of Inulin

Infographic: Orafti® Inulin’s intrinsic health benefits.

Editorial infographic on prebiotics, introducing the natural fibre sources inulin and oligofructose and their value to digestive function and other health benefits.


Inner wellbeing is all about feeling good

Webinar: Inner wellbeing is all about feeling good.

Under a curative and preventative point of view, Gut Health is important to consumers for a wide range of incentives. Steve Walton (HealthFocus International) shows different consumer segments to connect with them all.

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Consumer data.

Videos: What consumers think of prebiotic products.

We asked consumers what they thought prebiotics were and to what degree they are interested in products with prebiotic benefits. Here are some of their comments.

Andy from Liverpool
What do consumers think about prebiotics?
What do consumers think about prebiotic coffee?

Infographic: prebiotic coffee – the next big growth opportunity.

Functional coffee the next big growth opportunity

Almost 1 in 5 coffee drinking American men will pay more for coffee with added benefits

31% of Brazilians would like to see coffee beverages which claim to actively improve digestive health

1 in 5
Functional coffee the next big growth opportunity
1 in 4

1 in 4 Western Europeans think coffee has a positive influence on their digestive health

27% of the Chinese thinks a healthy/functional claim fits well with a coffee-based beverage

What drives consumers to gut health?

The gut is like a second brain to the body and people think many aspects can be affected by a well-balanced digestive health. Ranging from a good physical health and managing their weight to supporting daily energy levels and a good mood. These drivers can be strong anchor points to connect with the different consumer segments on the subject of inner well-being.

I feel discomfort and want a solution

About 1 in every 5 consumers (globally) has the infortune to be affected in their daily lives by digestive issues and almost half of them is looking for solutions. While they attempt to live a healthy lifestyle in general, it isn’t always that easy… Sometimes it’s just too tempting to grab something tasty and convenient. As for the consequences, they believe will hit them, they’ll deal with later. Products on the market that will trigger them are those that make staying on a healthy diet easier. Messages related to managing energy and stress levels as well as avoiding digestive discomfort are very appealing to them. Products helping to build immunity and achieve weight loss are those that make the difference for them.

In a recent human intervention study, questions about digestive comfort were asked. People that were given Orafti® Inulin indicated better satisfaction results than those on the placebo. Chicory root fibre intake appears to have led to a better feeling of well-being. Read the paper.

Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose and can replace traditional sugars as well as fat content in a variety of applications and recipes. Our prebiotics offer perfect functional solutions like digestive health and weight management.

I have no issue but am concerned for my well-being

The majority of consumers doesn’t have any issues or health concerns. Most of them are happy with their lifestyle and aren’t fussed about stress or energy levels. And yet,.. a large number of these people is concerned about their digestive health and how, if mismanaged, it can affect the way they live their life. They’re on the look-out for products that can help them maintain today’s lifestyle and their feeling of well-being. This group has a genuine interest in digestive benefits, and messages such as “prebiotic”  “inner well-being”, “gut health”, etc. will catch their attention.

BENEO’s naturally-sourced dietary fibre is the ideal ingredient to deliver on functional benefits such as digestive health. Seize the day with chicory root fibres and offer consumers the option to continue to enjoy their healthy lifestyle. A feel-good-inside coffee that offers more than the usual alertness would be great for this consumer group.

I have no issue – and don’t want any in the future

As per the above group, these consumers don’t have any issues. They are happy with their lifestyle and aren’t fussed about stress or energy levels. Are they living in a happy bubble? No,  this group has wised-up. They understand the importance of good nutrition for their health and wellness; for now and tomorrow. Though not having any concerns for the moment, they think of the future and how a balanced diet and a healthy gut might help them to age well and look good for longer.

For these millennials, it’s all about maintenance and preservation. Keep the machine “well-oiled” and running smoothly and you’ll be set for life. Prebiotics, and products containing these, could become their best friend! Staying healthy from an early age goes even further and is related to a strong immune system. Here, BENEO’s chicory root fibres can play a role. Though science is still developing, a recent scientific study on young children showed the importance of consuming Orafti® Inulin for the building of a natural defence system.

Infographic: Consumers are catching onto the powers of the gut microbiome.

Good and bad bacteria in the gut

Related product concepts.

Concept ready to drink coffee with fibres

RTD coffee: Chicory root fibres for a good gut feeling.

Get your gut in a happy and balanced mood thanks to naturally-sourced chicory root fiber promoting digestive wellness throughout the entire day.

Concept dairy drink supporting digestive health

Dairy alternative drink with Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose.

Tasty dairy alternative drinks with planted-based prebiotics promote a balanced & healthy digestive system so you can feel good from the inside out.

Prebiotic protein snack

A healthier snack: Prebiotic PowerBites.

Your convenient feel-good snack with Orafti® Inulin. Puts a spring in your step and brings balance in your belly. Go for prebiotic powers by BENEO!

Concept flavoured fibre waters promoting digestive health

Fibre-enriched water.

Replenish yourself with prebiotic water. A tasty drink that gives so much more than a simple refreshment, thanks to BENEO’s chicory root fibres.

Prebiotic cereal bar

Good-for-You cereal bars.

Feel delighted by this tasty cereal bar with prebiotic effect from Orafti® Inulin. Have a natural feel-good day with chicory root fibres.

Prebiotic high in fibre muffin

Feel-good muffins.

Bake someone happy with delicious muffins containing chicory root fibres; promotes a balanced digestive system to keep you happy & healthy.

In-depth information about inner wellbeing.

BENEO Inner Wellbeing Paper: Fibre enriched almind drink

Paper: Almond Bliss and belly happiness with BENEO’s prebiotics.

High-Fibre almond drink gets your gut in a great mood with BENEO’s prebiotics from chicory root, that promote digestive wellness throughout the day.


BENEO ready to use coffee with prebiotics

Paper: Health and wellness trend triggers innovation in the coffee segment.

Coffee can do more than keep you alert. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle and serve your coffee with a dash of inner-happiness. Prebiotics in every sip you take!


Fibre up white bread with Orafti Inulin

Paper: White bread with Orafti® Inulin.

Nurture your inner self the prebiotic way. Chicory root fibre helps towards an improved digestion and as white bread, it’s so easy enjoy!


BENEO feel good muffin with prebiotic fibre

Paper: Feel-good muffins with prebiotic fibre

Chicory root is the natural way to inner happiness. With high-fibre muffins you can have indulgent pleasure with a health benefit. Good soul food!


The power of prebiotics in daily life

Infographic: The power of prebiotics explained.

Wellness from within: a balanced microbiome can positively influence the entire body.


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