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BENEO-Institute – knowledge to connect nutrition and health.

The BENEO-Institute facilitates access to the latest scientific research and knowledge concerning physiology and legislation related to BENEO ingredients. With this BENEO supports food and drink manufacturers in innovations that are substantiated with nutritional science.

BENEO-Institute – a network of minds

The BENEO-Institute brings together BENEO’s expertise from within the Nutrition Science, Nutrition Communication and Regulatory Affairs teams, and has been founded and developed by experts coming from different scientific backgrounds such as bio-chemistry, chemistry and nutritional science. This network of intelligence will continue to grow as scientists who already contribute to the BENEO-Institute consult their own scientific network to find solutions to the most challenging questions in the food industry.

Knowledgeable and active in the megatrends of nutrition

Consumers’ health consciousness and expectations towards modern food products are under constant change – worldwide. BENEO-Institute has started early to focus on the global megatrends in nutrition science and food industry:

Experienced in regulatory frameworks worldwide

The food and drink industry is continuously experiencing a number of regulatory changes. The BENEO-Institute takes an active role in monitoring and commenting on the regulatory framework on national and international level. This relates to projects like the Codex Alimentarius’ dietary fibre definition, the European Health Claim Regulation and many more. In addition, the BENEO-Institute will continue its leadership in seeking and achieving regulatory approval for BENEO’s ingredients on a global scale.

BENEO-Institute – service and support for BENEO’s partners

Our in-depth knowledge of nutrition is just a part of the services we provide to our customers and partners. We continue to support product innovation based on scientific evidence to facilitate the launch of new products and increase the nutritional benefits for consumers.

The BENEO-Institute’s work include:

  • Nutritional research and peer-reviewed articles
  • Position papers on nutritional and regulatory topics
  • International research conferences and workshops
  • Publication of the Window to Science
  • Consultancy in respect to regulations
  • Support in product composition
  • Participate in joint research projects

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Event highlight

#WEIGHTLOSS – BENEO-Institute at FNCE 2017

At this year’s Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE®) BENEO-Institute is highlighting the benefits of prebiotic fibers from chicory for a healthy gut microbiota with a focus on weight management. Our experts at booth #1414 will also introduce Palatinose™ as a unique carbohydrate alternative for improved metabolism.
More about FNCE®

Latest news

Chicory root fibers strengthens the inner protection in children

Brand new study results on the strengthening of the inner protection were presented for the first time by Prof. Decsi, Department of Paediatrics, University of Pécs, Hungary, at the ESPGHAN congress that took place in May 2016 in Athens.

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Window to Science

BENEO Institute Window to Science
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