Meatless a brand of BENEO
Meatless a brand of BENEO
Prebiotic fibres
The flexitarian way of living
Food for the senses
Tickle all consumers’ senses, naturally.

Together with the flexitarian lifestyle trend, the consumers’ wish to experience sustainable healthier good mood food with their loved ones needs to be answered. Discover BENEO’s plant-based ingredients, keeping the desired taste and texture.

Meatless a brand of BENEO
BENEO invests in Meatless® to answer a growing market demand.

After a successful integration of the Dutch company in 2022, BENEO is growing capacity to offer Meatless® texturate solutions in vegetarian and vegan products. The portfolio offers coarse and fine flakes from different raw materials, like rice, faba beans, wheat,…

Prebiotic fibres
Bringing prebiotics to the table.

Prebiotics are known to offer great health benefits and thereby improve inner wellbeing. Learn everything about chicory root fibres and our organic label.

Flexitarian lifestyle
The flexitarian way of living.

Webinar, trends, recipes and ideation: create a taste experience consumers will thoroughly enjoy with new and inspiring dairy-free or meat-free recipes. Discover what will be your signature ingredient!

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BENEO – Together we contribute to better nutrition and health

The expectations regarding nutritional choices and functionalities of food have drastically grown over the last decades.

BENEO is your global partner in catering to the latest trends and developments in the food and feed industry. Together, we contribute to better nutrition and health. And with local branches all over the world, you always have a competent expert to talk to. Just get in touch.

Consumers actively choose foods that contribute to their well-being. Even more, products that match their individual lifestyles are on trend. As the demand for convenient and easy to prepare food continues, the expectations on nutrition also continue to grow. To name just a few, these include the reduction of sugar and fat without compromising on taste and texture, increased dietary fibre intake, plus a need for healthier weight and energy management.

Farmers, breeders as well as livestock or pet owners on the other hand foster increasingly higher expectations on the nutritional quality of their feed products. They expect targeted feed, aqua and pet food that provides their animals with the right amount of nutrients.

BENEO’s ingredients can be applied to a wide variety of food applications: from beverages to baby food, bakery, confectionery, cereals, soups and sauces. We also supply ingredients for different kinds of animal nutrition, ranging from cattle feed to cat food.

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BENEO’s naturally ingredients for food, feed and pharma.

Improve the technical and nutritional functionality of various kinds of pet food, compound livestock feed and feed specialties with our naturally sourced ingredients.

galenIQTM (Isomalt Ph.Eur., USP-NF, BP, JP) is the easy to use soluble filler binder that also makes your tablets taste great!

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Beneo Institute

Our network of scientists is facilitating access to the
latest scientific research and knowledge. Learn what
BENEO-Institute can do for you.

Get to know BENEO better.

Tasty and nutritious plant-based ingredients.

Tasty and nutritious plant-based ingredients.

We help you develop plant-based food that is simply delicious. Sharpen up your recipe with natural ingredients that bring out pure flavours and exciting textures.

BENEO Ingredient Solution Finder

Solution Finder.

Find the ingredient you are looking for! Instant overview of technical and nutritional benefits per specified application.


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Gut microbiota support with prebiotics
Gut microbiota support with prebiotics

Gut microbiota support with prebiotics.

Our experts explain everything about the effects of prebiotic fibres on the gut microbiome and their many benefits on health and wellbeing.

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