Mindfully sweet? Deliciously sweet? Sugar reduction solutions.

Novel and established ways of sugar reduction with functional fibres and innovative incredo™ sugar. Explore a new dimension of sweetness. Join BENEO and DouxMatok for a tasting session and [...]

Food & Beverage Trends – the next 10 Years.

With over 25 years of experience in tracking and analysing new products, David Jago, Director of Innovation & Insights at Mintel offers a glimpse into the future of the food & drink industry. [...]

Sportification. Palatinose™ for the win.

Get a taste from active nutrition and market samples from around the world with Palatinose™: a natural, slow-release carbohydrate with numerous additional benefits. Your hosts: [...]

Specialty Rice Ingredients. Clean and green texturising solutions.

Insights and answers to the clean label trend. Harness the best of nature with organic starches and texturizing ingredients that are suitable for even the youngest consumers. Your hosts: Benoit [...]

BeneoPro W-Tex: Textured Wheat Protein. For meat-free recipes tasting like the real deal.

Harness the power of plant proteins in your veggie recipe. Taste and apply BENEO Pro W-Tex, textured wheat protein in wholesome meat-free recipes that look and taste like the real deal. Your [...]

Palatinose™. Test technology and taste!

Explore the technological benefits and functionalities of Palatinose™. A look from all angles and tasting session. Your hosts: Christian Bauer, Katrin Kienzle and Willem Massoels (all BENEO)

Functional Fibres. In tune with your inner balance.

Discover the “root” to inner wellbeing with Orafti® Inulin & Oligofructose, prebiotic fibres that nurture a balanced digestive system. Feel-good, on-trend application and market insights. Your [...]

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