Natural ingredients for improved processing and pig feed.

The right nutrition is essential throughout all stages of life. BENEO’s natural ingredients help you to respond to multiple dietary and reproductive challenges and enhance the flavour profile of your specific brand of feed.

BeneoCarb S is a pure ingredient and a unique functional syrup with a high content of low-glycaemic sugars which can be applied to multiple pig diets. It can be used as a balanced energy source in young piglet diets and to support high milk production in lactating sows.

Also discover our nutritional benefits: balanced gut microbiota and support to intestinal immunity, highly digestible and well-balanced vegetable proteins, highly digestible source of energy and many others.

Technological benefits of BeneoCarb S (isomaltulose molasses).

  • Improved organoleptic profile
  • Sweet honey-like taste
  • Good pelletising aid
  • Very low viscosity: easy to mix in various types of feed

In-depth information about our feed ingredients.

BENEO Animal Nutrition Brochure
Brochure: Natural ingredients for healthy piglets.

Optimal, natural feed solutions for healthy piglets: all about the functionality of vegetable proteins, prebiotic fibres, highly digestible carbohydrates and rice proteins.


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