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Natural ingredients for improved processing in poultry feed.

Our naturally sourced ingredients are a safe and effective solution for the development of various compound or complementary poultry feeds and specialty pre-starter concepts for very young chicks. They improve profitability and the bird’s performance. In addition, they contribute to more sustainable nutrition by successfully supporting intestinal health and by reducing dependency on animal-based or synthetic feed ingredients.

BeneoCarb S (isomaltulose molasses) is a unique functional syrup with an exceptionally low viscosity. Being low in ash, it is an economical, qualitative alternative to vegetal oils as feed dust binder or pellet binder. In addition, the slowly digestible carbohydrates support the bird’s performance.

Also discover our nutritional ingredient benefits: optimal microbiota and intestinal architecture, highly digestible and well-balanced vegetable proteins, highly digestible source of energy and many others.

Technological benefits of BeneoCarb S (isomaltulose molasses).

  • Improved organoleptic profile
  • Good dust binder and pelletising aid
  • Easily mixed in various types of feed

In-depth information about poultry feed.

Orafti® functional fibres for modern poultry production

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All about the feed ingredient that supports gut health, immunity, chick development and overall bird performance.


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