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While an increasing number of consumers choose better-for-you food options, they will not move away from their treats. Instead, they have become smarter in their indulgence behaviours, specifically when it comes to their regular treats. BENEO can help manufacturers to innovate with functional ingredients that improve the nutritional profile of their product.

At BENEO, we have a dedicated team of specialist application technologists that are driven to turn any of your food or beverage into optimised nutrition. Whether your range includes soft baked biscuits, sports beverages, creamy dairy desserts, sweet confectionery, convenient sauces or quality graded babyfood,… our specialists work from concept to concrete pilot scale-tested recipes and share their knowledge for your development projects.

Discover our food and drink applications:

Human nutrition concepts, recipes & ingredients finder.

Inspiring concepts

Inspiring concepts.

Inspiring ideas offer new angles of product positioning towards consumers & market insights. They are substantiated by science and come with a regulatory guideline.

Recipes with BENEO ingredients

Proven recipes.

Concepts are worked out by a team of dedicated food application technologists into concrete recipes that we share with you after extensive testing on lab.

Human Nutrition App

Solution finder.

Find the ingredient you are looking for!

Instant overview of technical and nutritional benefits per specified application.

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