Ingredients for baby food – nutritional quality and improved texture.

In the early stages of life, high quality and safe nutrition are essential for babies development and long-term health. Whether in targeted powdered formula’s, infant cereals, ready-made meals or teas, our functional ingredients can bring improved texture, stability and nutritional benefits to infant foods.

Taking care of our youngest generation requires special attention which both the food industry and parents hold close to heart. With a segment that nurtures this young generation from infant to toddlers milk, one can never be too careful about quality grades. No surprise that over 70% of parents worldwide checks the on pack nutritional information of their toddlers milk; and yet a similar portion of American parents believes their under-two-year old gets everything it needs from the shop-bought formula. On top of being extra careful about what’s “in- or excluded”, parents are drawn to the additional health benefits their youngsters can gain. Soft claims towards digestive health are especially surfacing across the borders; e.g. “Little tummies – happy tummies – tummy friendly”.

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Infant meals    Infant & follow-on formula    Other babyfood products: cereals, teas,…

Infant meals.

  • Process & shelf-life stable infant meals thanks to BENEO’s rice starches.
  • Safety & security thanks to the high quality standards of our Remy rice flours and starches.
  • Go for clean label and perfect texture with our native rice starches and flours. Organic labelling with certified Remy rice starch & flours.
  • Develop sugar-reduced baby food options by using Orafti® fibres, while keeping a pleasant texture & taste.
  • Give baby a healthy start with a good digestive function thanks to prebiotic fibres from the chicory root.
Baby food infant meals with BENEO Ingredients

In-depth information about infant meals.

Recipe retorted baby food jars - fruit based

Recipe: Fruit-based baby food jars with native rice starch.

Organic and smooth fruit prep with native rice starch, a stable thickening agent supporting extended shelf life.


Infant & follow-on formula.

  • Thickened milk formulas are used to treat infants with gastroesophageal reflux. Use Remy rice starch in the milk formula to support anti-regurgitation (pH thickening qualities).
  • Potential solutions in LBG replacement (Locust bean gum) with native pregelatinised rice starch.
  • Clean label with native or organic certified rice starches and chicory root fibres.
  • Safety & security thanks to the high quality standards of our Remy rice flours and starches.
  • Support the baby for a healthy digestive function: specialty grade fibres from BENEO support the selective growth of Bifidobacteria in the large intestine, which are the dominant bacteria in breast feeding.
Baby food infant and follow on formula with BENEO Ingredients

Other baby food products: cereals, teas, …

  • BENEO’s rice starches & flours can be safely used as texturizer in different early nutrition products such as infant cereals. Clean label & organic solutions are available.
  • Give babies a great start with a healthy digestive function thanks to prebiotic fibres from the chicory root.
  • Young children can enjoy toothfriendly teas thanks to the low glycaemic carbohydrate: Palatinose™, which is fully but slowly digested, ensuring a more balanced blood sugar level and sustained energy release.
Baby food products with BENEO Ingredients

In-depth information about baby food.

BENEO prebiotics and palatinose in infancy childhood and adolescence.

Paper: Prebiotics and Palatinose™ in infancy, childhood and adolescence.

Benefits of choosing smart ingredients for an important life span development.


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