Ingredients for beverages – sustainable energy or sugar reduction.

The demand for sugar-reduced and sugar-free claims is an overarching trend in the beverage industry: these are claims that are prominently present on many recent product launches. The interpretation of functionality, however, often differs. Nowadays’ key drivers can be as much inner well-being, energy efficiency as a natural, plant-based origin.

From isotonic sports drinks to fizzy water and soft drinks, BENEO’s ingredients offer new ways into nutritionally optimised and highly stable beverages. Quench the market’s thirst for drinks that are more gentle on blood sugar levels or create beverages containing more slowly released, fully digestible carbohydrate energy, fibres and/or sugar-reduced sweetness.

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Instant powder drinks     Functional waters     Ready-to-drink beverages     Sports beverages

Instant powder drinks.

  • Instant powder drinks with a more sustained energy profile with Palatinose™, adding full but slow-release carbohydrate energy with a reduced impact on blood sugar levels to instant powders such as ice tea, coffee and sports drinks.
  • Good flowability, easy granulation and prevented lumping thanks to the very low hygroscopicity and free-flowing properties of Palatinose™.
BENEO applications for instant powder drinks

In-depth information about instant powder drinks.

BENEO recipe: instant refreshment with Palatinose™

Recipe: Instant refreshment with Palatinose™.

Recipe for low-GI sports drink to achieve a unique combination of high energy level, mental balance and stable blood glucose level.


Functional waters.

  • Fruit-flavoured water with an optimised nutrition profile thanks to Palatinose™, the slow-release carbohydrate that supports reduced blood glucose levels.
  • Prebiotic water with Orafti® Inulin & Oligofructose, prebiotic fibres from the chicory root for a balanced digestive ecosystem and an added source of fibre.
BENEO applications for functional waters

In-depth information about functional waters.

Revitalising water with grapefruit flavour. Infused with Palatinose™ for a balanced boost

Paper: Revitalising water with grapefruit flavour.

This pink sparkling water offers a great alternative to energy drinks. With Palatinose™, you create a vitalising drink.


Ready-to-drink beverages.

  • Carbonated drinks and ice tea with a mild sugar-like taste and reduced impact on blood sugar levels with Palatinose™.
  • Carbonated drinks with Palatinose™,supporting enhanced fat oxidation and an efficient use of energy resources.
  • Preserved osmolarity of (heat treated) drinks thanks to the low pH & high heat stability of Palatinose™.
  • Fibre enrichment and supported digestive wellbeing in ready-to-drink beverages with Orafti® Inulin & Oligofructose, prebiotic chicory root fibres.
BENEO applications for ready to drink beverages

Sports beverages.

  • More sustained energy with Palatinose™, adding full but slow-release carbohydrate energy with a reduced impact on blood sugar levels to (isotonic) sports drinks and gels.
  • Palatinose™ is stable at low pH and is a good sugar replacer in isotonic, hypertonic or hypotonic beverages.
  • Prevention of tooth decay in sports drinks thanks to the non-cariogenic properties of Palatinose™.
  • Sports gels with Palatinose™ in favour of an optimised use of energy sources and increased fat burning.
BENEO applications for sport beverages

In-depth information about sports beverages.

Formulating sport drinks with Palatinose™

Paper: Smart sports drinks optimisation with Palatinose™.

Molecular, technical and physiological qualities of Palatinose™ in support of functional sugar replacement in hypo-, hyper- and isotonic sports beverages.


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