Technical and nutritious value of functional ingredients in beverages.

An overarching trend in the beverage industry is the demand for sugar-reduced and sugar-free claims: prominently present on many recent product launches. The interpretation of functionality, however, often differs. Nowadays’ key drivers can be as much inner well-being, as energy efficiency and a natural, plant-based origin.

The art of mixology is to go functional naturally by pouring in a special ingredient…. From isotonic sports drinks to fizzy water and soft drinks, BENEO’s ingredients offer new ways into nutritionally optimised and highly stable beverages. Quench the market’s thirst for drinks that are more gentle on blood sugar levels or bottle more slowly released, fully digestible carbohydrate energy, fibres and/or sugar-reduced sweetness.

  • Beer and malt beverages
  • Instant beverages
  • Powdered beverages
  • Dairy alternatives
  • Isotonic, hypo- and hypertonic beverages
  • Soft drinks, iced teas and near waters
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BENEO recipe: instant refreshment with Palatinose™
Recipe: Instant refreshment with Palatinose™.

Recipe for low-GI sports drink to achieve a unique combination of high energy level, mental balance and stable blood glucose level.


BENEO breakfast almond chocolate drink
Recipe: Almond chocolate drink with Orafti® and Palatinose™.

Recipe for a bright start: delicately sweet, high-in-fibre, supporting reduced blood glucose response and sustained energy levels.


Baby Food Jars

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BENEO ingredients in Baby food Baby jars

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Infant Milk Formula

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BENEO ingredients in Baby food formula application

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