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Functional ingredients for healthy nutrition.

Following the current megatrends.

Consumers want nutrition that matches their individual lifestyle. Today’s food should cover all nutritional needs and on top to deliver on numerous health benefits.

Some of these food requirements: boost performance in a balanced way, reduce sugar and fat consumption, reduce calorie intake, increase dietary fibre intake, substitute dairy, gluten or meat,… – all without ever compromising on taste and texture. We provide food ingredients from natural sources that allow real product innovation in order to meet today’s megatrends. They make the final product that decisive bit healthier and tastier. All benefits cited for our ingredients are scientifically proven.

Beneo benefits gs1 functional proteins
Improving your blood sugar management with ingredients from BENEO
BENEO benefits Dental Health
BENEO Functional fibres Inulin and Oligofructose
Beneo benefits gs5 healthy-aging
Beneo benefits gs6 taste-and-texture
Beneo benefits gs7 weightmanagement

Discover how BENEO ingredients meet the different nutritional megatrends:

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