Wheat Protein: naturally sourced & premium quality.

Compared to other sources of vegetable protein, wheat protein forms a viscoelastic matrix when fully hydrated. This lays the foundation for highly performant and strong mixtures with good texture.

BeneoPro VWG are naturally produced after gentle milling, separation and drying of the grain. With multiple production sites and an international sales network we ensure a reliable worldwide supply of premium quality proteins.

Eco-friendly and IFS Certified proteins.

The majority of consumers believe plant-based proteins to be eco-friendly and healthy. Their carbon footprint is indeed smaller and they contain less fat than meat proteins. Research reflects this trend: the annual global demand for plant-based protein is expected to grow by 43% between 2010 and 2030. Wheat remains the predominant source, especially for bakery wares.

BENEO’s wheat protein are a source of essential amino acids which the body cannot produce itself. Apart from their nutritious benefits, they improve the taste and texture of bakery goods, ready-to-eat meals, meat-based products, … Consequently, the sustainable supply has been allocated the IFS label, an acknowledged reference for high quality ingredients.

Nutritional benefits of Wheat Protein.

Increased dough strength and improved texture.

Dough needs to have enough strength to ensure dough tolerance leading to good volume, good oven rise and a nice slice of the final bread.

Low-protein flours in baked goods can be fortified with BeneoPro VWG, thus increasing dough strength as well as gas retention and therefore improving texture. With only a small addition of BeneoPro VWG, the flour quality for bakery products can be significantly enhanced. It is recommended in particular for bakery products that require higher protein content.

In addition, BeneoPro VWG contributes to the strength of the cereal flakes and reduces the risk of breakage. It also provides proteins allowing for a nutritional and highly popular claim on breakfast cereals.

Wheat Protein offers reliable protein quality.

BeneoPro VWG is naturally derived from qualitative non-GMO wheat, sourced in the European Union. The high protein content, as well as the particular protein quality and viscoelastic properties of this IFS-certified ingredient (International Food Standard) are highly valued by our customers.

Our product range.

Ingredient names
Ingredient names
BeneoPro VWG 75
Max 8%
N x 5.7
Water insoluble protein, cream-coloured powder

Available in bulk, BigBags, 25-kg bags (on pallets).

In-depth Information about Wheat Protein.

BENEO paper -Protein enriched bread with vital wheat gluten

Paper: BeneoPro VWG for protein-enriched bread.

Protein-enrichment is the next step in bread innovation; already 40% of bread products include protein. Read here how BeneoPro VWG can be easily incorporated in your wholegrain bread.


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Vital Wheat Gluten high protein bread

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