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FiE 2023: Serving up the future with nature’s best.

Better for people and planet – less is more. 

As a food-loving company dedicated to healthier eating, we firmly believe in the magic of ‘less is more’ when it comes to delicious and nutritious food! Let us show you how. Discover our menu with a hand-full of our many solutions to reduce proportion of sugar, fat, animal proteins… in your products. We replace them with plant-based ingredients such as chicory root fibres, faba bean proteins and other key ingredients. Less is also more for the planet. Learn about our practical answers in creating more sustainable products.  

  • Offer less sugar/fat, with more natural fibres 
  • Create foods with plant proteins, avoiding animal protein 
  • Reduce carbon footprint, and offer more sustainable solutions 
  • In terms of nutritional research, BENEO’s prebiotics are supported with more research than industry peers. Less is not always more.

Our culinary chef serves a menu with nature’s best 

Chef cooking

Our culinary chef is passionate about creating delicious dishes with our ingredients in the specially built food lab at the BENEO-Technology Centre. During the live event days, he will serve up his newest menu for you to taste.  

A match made in heaven between the technical functionality of chicory root fibres, plant-based proteins and other functional ingredients. Simply good food and good for the planet, too.


  • Plant-based feta cheese with celery and apple salsa
    (Faba bean ingredients / Orafti® Inulin & Oligofructose / Rice flour / Rice starch)
  • Pana cotta of cauliflower with plant-based scampi & sponge cake of maitake
    (Faba bean protein concentrate/ Orafti® Inulin & Oligofructose / Meatless® Rice flakes & Binder)
  • Plant-based fish stick with seaweed tartar sauce
    (Meatless® Rice flakes & Binder / Rice flour / Faba bean protein concentrate)

Main Courses

  • Chili sin carne
    (Secret recipe: will be revealed during FiE)
  • Hybrid fish burger with spinach and wasabi soy dressing
    (Meatless® Rice flakes & Binder)
  • BBQ-glazed plant-based chicken chunks with kimchi and pita bread
    (Meatless® Chicken Chunks/ Orafti® ß-Fit / Faba bean protein concentrate)
  • Hybrid kebab with flatbread
    (Meatless® Rice flakes / Orafti® Inulin)
  • Honey-glazed plant-based beef
    (Secret recipe: will be revealed during FiE)


  • Waffle with beta-glucan and toppings
    (PalatinoseTM / Orafti® Inulin & Oligofructose & ß-Fit / Rice syrup)


  • Clutch® mindset functional beverage

BENEO’s recipe inspiration

Plant-based feta with celery and apple salsa

Vegan chicken chunks with naan bread

Vegan fish stick with vegan seaweed tartar

Chili sin carne

Hybrid kebab with flatbread

Glazed vegan beef bites

Warm waffle treats with delicious toppings at booth #3.1G160

At our booth, you can sample our Healthy-Heart Waffle made with Orafti® β-Fit, topped with your choice of various recipes made with BENEO’s ingredients. 

Our newest addition to the functional fibre portfolio, Orafti® β-Fit, is a cost-effective beta-glucan enriched barley flour. Beta-glucans from barley are dietary fibres that offer a variety of benefits, including attractive cholesterol-lowering and heart health claims. We aim for a total approach when it comes to a healthy consumer lifestyle: healthy nutrition, a healthy body and a healthy heart! 

Recent research shows that almost 70% of people are interested in products that can improve their heart health, even when not suffering from specific health problems. On top of that, about 4 in 5 consumers worldwide recognise the link between heart health and their overall health.

• Barley is considered an ancient grain, and beta-glucans from barley are dietary fibres that offer a variety of health benefits, including heart health, a recognized health claim in the EU, the US and in many more countries world-wide.

• Wholegrain barley flour rich in beta-glucans (less processed) offers heart health benefits at a more affordable cost.

Replace meat and fish with plant-based proteins

Discover various plant-based solutions for protein fortification, like BENEO ingredients from rice and faba bean. Faba bean is a sustainable, nutritious protein source. These proteins offer end products with great texture and pleasant taste that flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans will adore. Rice protein is an all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, hypoallergenic ingredient with an excellent amino acid profile and digestibility. Faba and rice protein together form a complete plant-based protein, as they are perfectly complementary in terms of amino acid profile when dosed in the right ratio.

And with our new Meatless® range of products, we expanded solutions to replace or reduce meat and fish. The Meatless® plant-based texturates marry well with BENEO’s functional proteins family, as it is a unique portfolio of solutions derived from different raw materials.  

Meatless chicken chunks

Meatless Chicken Chunks – Texture and juiciness all in one bite.

This ready-to-use meat-like alternative contains plant proteins as well as mycoproteins and has a protein content of around 13%. The hydrocolloid technology behind it delivers an excellent texture, has a low footprint and is easily scalable.

meat alternative

In-depth information about meat alternatives.

Create tasty vegetarian products such as burgers, nuggets & sausages with BENEOPro W-Tex and the Meatless® range.

Reduce sugar and fat, replace with chicory root fibres

Reduce sugar or fat levels, while increasing fibre content with the help of Orafti® Inulin and Orafti® Oligofructose. These chicory root fibres are an excellent alternative to sugar or fat because of their natural mild sweetness, their bulking and texturising properties. You add nutritional benefits to your product, while reducing the amount of calories.  

BENEO’s chicory root fibres are prebiotics and come with an abundance of more than 25 years of international scientific research to prove their prebiotic effect. In fact, they are the only clinically proven plant-based prebiotics.  

Are all dietary fibres prebiotic?

Chicory root fibres are the most well studied

It is increasingly seen in the market that the term “prebiotic” is incorrectly used by ingredients lacking in science to back this claim up. There are just a few ingredients that are scientifically proven prebiotics: inulin, oligofructose and galactooligosaccharides (GOS). Yes, the list is short, and this makes chicory root fibres the only plant-based prebiotics! Other fibres at this point in time, lack in particular human intervention studies to support either selective growth or health benefits are missing.

The consensus statement of the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) provides a good overview on the definition of prebiotics (a substrate that is selectively utilized by host microorganisms conferring a health benefit). Many fully or partially fermentable fibres do not show a proven prebiotic effect. 

Taste these innovative samples  

Create products with plant-based proteins, chicory root fibres and other exciting functional ingredients. Thanks to their texturizing properties and nutritional qualities, you can innovate with tasty products that will fly off the shelf in no time! Let us help you to bring your products to the next – scrumptious – level. Our product samples at the booth are promised to inspire you, discover them on our booth!  

Coated almonds

Palatinose™ offers a mildly sweet sucrose-alternative and takes care of a good crunch, in a fast-coating process. Rice starch is used for TiO2 replacement in this delicious treat.

Rice-based coffee creamer

Rice-based coffee creamer

A dairy-free creamer can lift your coffee to a new level by adding colour, flavour and a full-bodied mouthfeel to each warm and comforting sip.

Naturally sourced, a sustainable solution

Clean label with organic solutions.

At BENEO, we offer food ingredients from six natural sources such as: sugar beet, chicory root, rice, faba beans, wheat and barley. We strive for a constant high quality and supply security with our own production sites that manufacture our food ingredients at highest standards. Working with our functional, plant-based ingredients, you can count on a variety of quality certificates.  

At the same time, ensuring nutrition with proven benefits and sustainability are strongly interlinked at BENEO. Being part of the Südzucker Group, we have ambitious targets towards sustainability for which we commit at every step of the value chain, reaching from field to fork and beyond. This includes supporting resilient farming and supply chains, caring for people and mitigating our impact on the planet. 

Paper. Clean label with organic solutions.

One-pager: Organic chicory root fiber and organic waxy rice starch

Orafti® Organic is a carefully cultivated organic variant of our popular chicory root fibre. For our waxy rice starch, organic techniques are adopted from seed to milling and bulking.