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Palatinose™: The sweet rockstar of sugars!​

Palatinose™ is more than just a guest in your body.

Map out its journey within your system.


PalatinoseTM imparts prolonged & balanced energy:

  • Brighten the Mood
  • Improve Memory
  • Enhance Attention

  • Maintain immune health
  • Prevent inflammation
  • Minimize serious infections

  • Reduce body weight
  • Improve body composition:
    reduce fat mass
    reduce belly fat
    reduce fat in liver

Embrace Positive ageing:

  • Paving the way to an increased healthspan
  • Prevent and manage Diabetes

  • Inclination: elevate stamina in endurance sports
  • Use fat reserves as fuel for endurance sports
  • Melt body fat for sporty look & better body shape
  • Healthy blood vessels
    Blood vessels remain flexible & responsive

Lifting the curtain: The unexpected factors of blood sugar management​

Connecting the dots: If your blood sugar is in balance, so are YOU!

What happens in your body when you take Palatinose™ once?

The power of small steps

Noticeable Effect:

  • Impact: Lifts mind and mood, prolongs physical stride
  • Small steps: Paving the way to an increased healthspan

What happens in your body when you omit Palatinose™ from a meal?

PalatinoseTM primes metabolism for the next meal

  • Noticeable Immediate Effect: The effect might not be immediately noticeable; it works silently in the background over time, safeguarding our health through the power of small steps
  • Starting the day with a low glycaemic breakfast featuring PalatinoseTM enhances the body’s resilience to forgive occasional nutritional slip-ups

What happens in your body when you include Palatinose™ in your meal throughout the day?

A Balanced day with less blood sugar fluctuations

Noticeable Effect:

  • Healthy blood sugar aids infection defense
  • Lifts mind & mood, prolongs physical stride

What happens in your body when you add Palatinose™ to your diet over time?

Balanced life with minimized blood sugar fluctuations

  • To minimize the fluctuation of blood sugar in the decisive long-term factor for maintaining optimal health
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Positive Ageing, increase healthspan
  • Disease prevention: Reclaim your health journey, even in the pre-diabetic stage

Cardiovascular health: more than just heart health

How easily can a seemingly healthy individual become part of this vulnerable group?

Understanding the benefits: What it means for healthy individuals

The impact of limited activity: Just one week of limited activity (less than 2-3 km walk per day) can reduce the flexibility of our blood vessels regardless the age. Think of it like this: if you’re feeling sluggish from not moving, your blood vessels will be too!

  • Quick adjustments: Healthy blood vessels need to adjust quickly. The more flexible they are, the faster they can respond when, for example, more blood is needed.
  • Avoiding internal traffic jams: Stiff vessels act like roadblocks, causing delays in your body.
  • Protection from heart issues: Keeping your vessels flexible is a proactive step against heart-related concerns like strokes or heart attacks.

Unveiling benefits: How it affects people with diabetes

  • PalatinoseTM shown not to raise triglycerides. Think of triglycerides as a type of fat in our blood. Too much of this fat can lead to clogged arteries.
  • High triglycerides can be a sign for heart issues. So, having them at a lower level is better for heart health.

Low blood sugar: a key ally for immune health

How easily can a seemingly healthy individual’s immunity become vulnerable?

Understanding the benefits: What it means for healthy individuals

  • Keeping the blood sugar in check is important for the immune system to tackle viral and bacterial infections more effectively: A stable immune system means being less susceptible to infections.
  • When infections do occur, they tend to progress with milder symptoms.
  • Improved health outcomes lead to fewer complications.
  • Shorter recovery times get you back to your daily routine faster.

Unveiling benefits: How it affects people with diabetes

  • Diabetes can make the immune system more vulnerable to severe infections.
  • Both viral and bacterial infections may progress more aggressively in diabetics
  • Diabetes can affect immunological memory, potentially impacting long-term defence.
  • This impairment might reduce the effectiveness of some vaccines.

Lower blood sugar levels alleviate extra strain on diabetics’ immune systems.

Summing up

  • A healthy blood sugar level supports the body’s defense against viruses
  • PalatinoseTM is recognized for its ability to help stabilize blood sugar levels

Mental fitness with Palatinose™: going strong till the end​

Enhancing mental fitness: The role of prolonged and balance energy

Exploring the effects with Palatinose™

Start the day with a breakfast containing PalatinoseTM or carbs that raise the blood sugar. For the first two hours, they’re neck and neck. However, after this PalatinoseTM shows the strength, supporting mood and memory for more than 3 hours. With PalatinoseTM, there’s no need for an extra snack to enhance memory and mood.

For both school children and adults: Enhancing extended memory and mood throughout the morning with PalatinoseTM.

A look at low glycaemic foods

Low GI foods, including PalatinoseTM, produce significant benefits for children’s mental performance. Among the benefits, such as improved mood and memory, enhanced attention stands out. Specifically, children and adolescents aged between 5 and 17 who consume a low-GI breakfast demonstrate better episodic memory (ability to recall specific events) and attention (maintain focus on tasks) after 2 hours. Essentially, opting for low-GI foods ensures young minds remain sharp and attentive for extended periods.

The harmonious duet to shape your body ​

Body shaping: harmonizing the inside out and outside in approach

Weight Management with Palatinose™

Improve body composition

  • Less belly fat: PalatinoseTM helps reduce the buildup of unwanted & harmful belly fat
  • Look & feel great: Enjoy a better body contour
  • Beyond the surface, reducing belly fat plays an undercover role, protecting against silent threats like fatty liver and heart disease

Melt away fat for a fit appearance and a more defined shape!

Maintain & reduce body weight

PalatinoseTM trains the body to use calories effectively by keeping it in fat-burning mode, supporting a healthy weight and preventing weight gain.

When PalatinoseTM is incorporated into a weight-loss diet: It leads to greater weight loss and more fat reduction over 12 weeks compared to diets with high GI carbs.

Regarding the challenge and enjoyment of diets: diet that include PalatinoseTM not only achieve further calorie reduction, but feedback also suggests that dieting with PalatinoseTM seems more effortless.

Sport with Palatinose™

Endurance activities with PalatinoseTM enhances the body’s ability to use fat for energy across various groups:

  • from sedentary to physically active
  • trained athletes to moderately active individuals, and those of normal weight to overweight, including diabetic individuals.

Fat-burning effects begin with the first bite of PalatinoseTM.

Discover how Palatinose™ works inside the body

Dive beneath the surface:

We can put it on pack:


>= 30% replacement of other sugars & energy content similar or less to similar product

>= 20g carbohydrates / serving & <= 5g sugars / 100g solids

foods or drinks do not lower plaque pH below 5.7 during and up to 30 minutes after consumption

Carbohydrates at a total intake of 4 g per kg body weight within 4 to 6 hours after exercise


10g per intake occasion

15g per intake occasion

25g per intake occasion sports type beverages

20g per intake occasion

foods or drinks do not lower plaque ph below 5,7 during and up to 30 minutes after consumption

“Disclaimer: This information is presented in good faith and believed to be correct, nevertheless no responsibility / warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of this information can be taken. The above mentioned health-related messages reflect scientific aspects and may only be used in consumer advertising when they comply with applicable food legislation in the respective country”.