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IFT 2023: Keep health close to your heart, naturally.

Discover our new fiber ingredient: Orafti® β-Fit, rich in beta-glucans for heart health.

This year at IFT, we put heart health in the core of our show attention. With almost 70% of people around the globe being interested in products that can improve their heart health, we are proud to bring our newest fiber family member to your attention. Heart health is a key concern for consumers of all ages and with BENEO’s functional ingredient solutions to making good food naturally, we hope to catch your attention at our booth.

Discover BENEO’s solutions on scientific proven prebiotics, sugar reduction, plant-based protein fortification and our new fiber Orafti® β-Fit. It is a cost-effective beta-glucan and offers a convenient and tasty opportunity to enrich your products with fibers and make use of on-pack claims with nutritional and health benefits. Read more about our latest products and recipes. We look forward to seeing you at our booth #2210!

Warm waffle treats with 4 interesting toppings at booth #2210

Waffle toppings with beta-glucans

BENEO’s new addition to its functional fiber portfolio, Orafti® β-Fit, is a cost-effective beta-glucan enriched barley flour to answer the consumer concern about heart health.

Beta-glucans from barley are dietary fibers that offer a variety of benefits, including the heart health claim that is recognized by official bodies such as the FDA and EFSA.

IFT leaflet: our focus in a nutshell.

Can’t make it to our booth? Have a look at our leaflet to find out what we put in the focus this year.

Get more detailed information about the waffle and its toppings:

A waffle that warms your heart. Made with Orafti® β-Fit to lower blood cholesterol levels and improve heart health.

Let’s make fruit jam even better! With no added sugars, energy reduced and a reduced blood glucose response you create a recipe full of goodness.

European market sample of a low carb & low GI sweetening syrup with chicory fibre. Product innovation inspired by a consumer concept.

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Proven prebiotic fibres


BENEO’s chicory root fibres are prebiotics and come with an abundance of more than 25 years of scientific research to prove their prebiotic health claim. In fact, they are the only clinically proven plant-based prebiotics. Health is the core of our being so this extensive research was invaluable for caring for your health. Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose support a healthy gut microbiota and selectively promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms, such as Bifidobacteria, in the gut. On top of that are these fibres the perfect replacement for sugar recipes.

Cereal bar full of flavour, fibre and function

Cereal bar full of flavour, fibre and function.

Delicious cereal bars reduced in sugar with prebiotic fibres help to keep your gut in balance.

ise and shine with this tasty, prebiotic milk drink

Rise and shine with this tasty, prebiotic milk drink.

Start your day right with a tasty breakfast milk drink made using a unique blend of essential vitamins and prebiotic fibres.

Plant-based protein fortification

BENEO offers various plant-based solutions for protein fortification, like our ingredients from rice and faba bean. Rice protein is an all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, hypoallergenic ingredient with an excellent amino acid profile and digestibility. The hypoallergenic part is a benefit close to our heart in times where allergies are commonly experienced by people all over the world. Faba bean is a sustainable, healthy protein source. These proteins offer a good homogenous end product that flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans will adore.

Rice and faba bean drink

Nature’s best! Rice and faba bean drink.

Nature’s best plant drink: not only good for you with a source of plant-based protein, but also good for the planet.

Biscuits with benefits

Biscuits with benefits!

A delicious biscuit with benefits. The perfect amount of lemon flavour that also serves a good source of plant protein and fibre.

Sugar reduction


Isomalt is a naturally sourced sugar replacer made from pure beet sugar. It is 100% sugar-free and even helps to prevent tooth decay. Thanks to a two-stage production process of enzymatic sucrose treatment and hydrogenation, the resulting unique molecular structure gives our Isomalt a sweetening profile almost equal to sucrose – but with half the calories. Overall health benefits from the sugar-free solution without having to miss out on the taste profile. Furthermore, our health benefits from ‘Sugar out, fibre in!’ Reduce sugar levels to 30% with the help of Orafti® Inulin and Orafti® Oligofructose. These chicory root fibers are an excellent alternative to sugar because of their bulking and texturizing properties, and reduce the amount of calories.

Sugar-free chocolate with Isomalt

Sugar-free chocolate with Isomalt.

Guilt free pleasure thanks to sugar-free chocolate with Isomalt. Keep your sugar management under control with this chocolate treat.

BENEO paper on sugar and fat reduced ice cream with Orafti® chicory root fibres

Creamy-dreamy happy Chills Ice cream.

Inspire ice cream lovers’ palate and lifestyle with sugar-reduced ice cream that is highly similar to the full-sugar reference.

IFT feeding tomorrow fun run & fitness event

IFT Feeding Tomorrow Fun Run & Fitness event

Not all carbohydrates are alike. BENEO offers a slow release version, PalatinoseTM, that provides carbohydrate energy in a gentle way, thus supporting lower and more balanced blood sugar levels with less insulin demand and an improved metabolic profile for those that need the extra care.  This makes PalatinoseTM the perfect fit for our Fun Run & Fitness event because it’s a ‘fuel for life’.  BENEO sponsors the Fun Run event by providing this sustained energy solution to the participants of the race because we believe in connecting nutrition and health at all levels. The run aims to fund and support scholarships for the next generation pursuing careers in the science of food. BENEO wants to help positively impact the future of food!

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