“A Better Day with BENEO” – Healthier Snacks at IFT 2017.

A Better day with BENEO healther snacking

Cookies and Cereals with Less Sugar but Equal Sweetness, Taste and Texture

June 2017 -BENEO, a leading manufacturer of functional ingredients, will focus on lower sugar content in indulgent foods and snacks during the 2017 IFT Food Expo in Las Vegas from June 25-28 at booth #4023. Recent technical trials show that cookies and coated cereals using BENEO’s ingredients from nature cut down on sugar content while delivering the great taste and texture consumers expect.

According to consumer research conducted by international market research company Ipsos in 2016, 1 out of 2 U.S. consumers polled said they try to reduce sugar consumption in pursuit of a healthier diet and weight management. However, respondents said they are not prepared to completely eliminate sugar, with 58 percent indicating that taste is the reason. Reduction of added sugars is also a focus for manufacturers with upcoming new FDA guidelines requiring that “added sugars” must be displayed on the nutritional profile.

Sugar reduction presents a technical challenge because sugar has various functions, including sweetness, overall taste, texture and mouthfeel. This means that formulation expertise is required to reduce sugar while making sure that the sensory experience of the final product as well as the production process are maintained.

“Nine out of 10 consumers eat multiple times a day and yet feel guilty about enjoying their snacks,” said Jon Peters, President, BENEO, Inc. “The good news is recent technical trials at the BENEO-Technology Center show that the best of both worlds is possible. With BENEO ingredients manufacturers can reduce sugar content but maintain the indulgence of its products while also providing health benefits.”

Technical trials were conducted with chocolate chip cookies and sugar-coated cereals. Sensory and texture evaluation of the 30 percent sugar-reduced cookies with BENEO’s chicory fibers showed that taste, sweetness and crunchiness of the cookies were similar to the full sugar control version. Due to the inclusion of the natural prebiotic fibers the cookies also support a healthy digestive system and a balanced blood glucose response.

Sugar-reduced coated cereals with BENEO’s sugar replacer isomalt have a similar sweetness profile as the full-sugar control. They were non-sticky and maintained their crunchiness in milk. The cereals also had a lower blood glucose response. BENEO’s isomalt is the only sugar replacer made from sugar beet and thus has a mild, natural sweetness profile. Its low hygroscopicity and low solubility improves shelf-life and the crunchy texture of cereals.

Consumers benefit from healthier, indulgent snacks without the guilt. BENEO’s solutions for sugar reduction make foods healthier, without consumers having to change their eating habits or compromising on taste and texture.

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