BENEO launches new clean label rice starch at IFT 2018.

BENEO Remypure S52 - clean label rice starch

Chicago, IL – July 12, 2018 – BENEO, a leading manufacturer of natural food ingredients, will unveil its new Remypure S52 clean label rice starch at IFT 2018, McCormick Place, Chicago in booth # S1440. This new ingredient, the second clean label native rice starch in the company’s portfolio, provides food manufacturers an opportunity to create unique textures and excellent product stability even under harsh processing conditions.

BENEO has developed an advanced thermal inhibition process technology that strengthens native rice starch granules to enhance their functional properties. The results deliver an ingredient comparable or superior to chemically modified food starches – without the use of chemicals. Food starches are generally used as thickeners in foods such as soups, sauces and ready-to-eat meals to create pleasant textures and excellent freeze/thaw stability. As these products require high performance under shear, acidity and heat, the challenge has been to maintain optimal functionality under conditions such as gentle pasteurization to more severe retorting in both neutral and acidic food matrices. Now Remypure S52, as a clean label texturizer, gives manufacturers options without the need for modified starches under conditions ranging from low pH, to high temperature and high shear.

During IFT Food Expo 2018, BENEO will also feature its inulin and oligofructose prebiotic fibers from chicory root, which have recently been added to the established list of FDA-approved dietary fibers. These prebiotic fibers are used in a variety of food products and contribute to the smooth and creamy texture and pleasant taste of sugar-reduced products.
BENEO’s functional carbohydrate Palatinose™, sourced from sugar beet will also be featured at BENEO’s booth. It is the only fully digestible carbohydrate with a low-glycemic index that provides a prolonged and balanced energy supply.

“As a science-driven company, BENEO makes significant investments in R&D that continues to result in natural, clean label ingredients that give manufacturers the opportunity to develop new and improved foods and beverages,” said Jon Peters, President of BENEO Inc. “Given consumer preference for products they consider to be clean label, BENEO’s products can contribute to product label simplification and clarity as they are all naturally sourced from nature and backed by scientific studies attesting to the health benefits of each.”

In addition to learning more about the company’s products, visitors to BENEO’s booth will be able to indulge in various technical samples including clean label Chipotle Mayonnaise featuring Remypure S52; sugar-reduced cookies with Orafti® chicory root fiber; and a sustained energy beverage with Palatinose™.

BENEO’s chain of expertise includes nutritional, regulatory, technical, marketing and sales experts working closely with customers across their entire development process to support successful product launches.

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