BENEO’s Beta-Glucan Rich Ingredient is now Certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program

BENEO’s Beta-Glucan Rich Ingredient

Parsippany, NJ –January 11, 2024 – BENEO’s Orafti®β-Fit fulfills the American Heart Association’s strict nutritional requirements to receive certification and to carry the organization’s acclaimed and trusted Heart-Check mark. It demonstrates the high nutritional quality standard of BENEO’s recently launched wholegrain barley flour Orafti®β-Fit. The certification program is based on the sound science of the American Heart Association regarding healthy dietary recommendations, specific product ingredients, and nutrient values.

“We are extremely proud to have passed the American Heart Association’s strict evaluation criteria and are now able to make use of the well-known and highly valued Heart-Check mark. Products carrying that symbol demonstrate their high nutritional standard, making it easier for consumers to make better food choices,” said Denisse Colindres, Manager Nutrition Communication, North America at BENEO. “This distinctive mark signifies Orafti®β-Fit’s compliance with high heart-healthy standards, showing manufacturers at a glance that Orafti®β-Fit is an ingredient they can trust.”

Foods supporting heart health are in demand by consumers looking to improve heart health naturally. According to research, two-thirds of North American consumers are interested in heart health products even when not suffering specific health problemsi. Additionally, a similar number of North American consumers agree with the statement, “I find products positioned around improving heart health appealingii.”Half of U.S. consumers are extremely or very concerned about heart health issues while 1 in 5 people are personally affected by issues like cholesterol or hypertensioniii. Therefore, a strong market potential exists for new product developments (NPDs) with proven health benefits that can be claimed on pack.

Orafti®β-Fit is a 100% wholegrain barley flour and is an innovation in heart health by providing 20% beta-glucan fibers, significantly higher than conventional cereal flours.

A daily consumption of 3 g barley beta-glucans reduces blood LDL-cholesterol and hereby reduces the risk of coronary heart diseaseiv. Orafti®β-Fit offers a convenient way to improve heart health in a natural way through nutrition. Beta-glucans derived from barley can also contribute to blood sugar management and cardiovascular health. With a fiber content of 40%, BENEO’s new ingredient can also help to bridge the fiber gap and improve digestive health. The positive effects of beta-glucans have been shown in more than 120 scientific studies and have been recognized by official bodies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), and other national authorities with the approval of corresponding claimsv.

Orafti®β-Fit can be used in various applications from bread to pasta. Derived from a barley variety naturally high in beta-glucan and processed using simple and sustainable methods, it provides the opportunity for affordable beta-glucan enrichment. If customers are interested in the Heart-Check mark for their end products, BENEO’s experts are happy to familiarize them with the certification process.


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