Digestive wellness’ is a key trend for 2018 – new prebiotic logo.

BENEO paper prebiotic fibres

“Digestive wellness” is becoming more popular with consumers and has been identified by nutrition trend commentator Julian Mellentin as a leading theme for 2018. With this in mind, BENEO created an on-pack logo that customers may use when incorporating BENEO’s Orafti® inulin in a product.

BENEO’s exclusive, accompanying health claim reads, “Chicory inulin contributes to normal bowel function by increasing stool frequency.” With the new prebiotic logo manufacturers can further support the promotion of digestive health and wellness achievable through BENEO’s prebiotic chicory root fibres. With the increased drive from consumers for on-pack transparency, the prebiotic logo enables manufacturers to communicate their products’ proven effectiveness even more clearly  and attractively.

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