European Association of Chicory Inulin Producers launches website

farmer holding chicory root in his hands

The members of the European Association of Chicory Inulin Producers (Comité Européen des Fabricants d’Inuline (CEFI)) are pleased to announce the launch of a new website, The website allows the association to share the latest information and insights on prebiotic chicory root fibres with food and health professionals. This includes details of their natural origin, as well as scientifically proven health benefits and technical benefits for a wide range of food products.

CEFI is a not-for-profit organisation representing the major producers of chicory inulin in the world: BENEO, Cosucra and Sensus. These recognised industry leaders have joined forces as a European association and cooperate on regulatory topics in the areas of health, nutrition and sustainability, both in the EU and in other regions. Additionally, CEFI promotes the sustainable cultivation of chicory as a source of chicory root fibres.

Eric Neven, board member at CEFI and commercial managing director for BENEO’s chicory root fibres, states: “This new website is a significant milestone for CEFI because it allows the association to share information about prebiotic dietary fibres with scientifically proven benefits. For professionals in food, health and nutrition, such a platform is key because consumers are increasingly interested in supporting their digestive health through beneficial bacteria that occurs naturally in the gut.”

Making consumers aware of the digestive health benefits and support for the gut microbiome through on pack labelling is possible with the right choice of dietary fibres. Chicory root fibres, such as those from BENEO, have an approved EU health claim for improving bowel regularity. This is related to their prebiotic fermentation pattern, combined with the selective growth of beneficial gut bacteria like bifidobacteria.

BENEO’s proven prebiotic chicory root fibres
BENEO’s chicory root fibres, Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose, are scientifically recognised and confirmed as proven prebiotics and dietary fibres with long standing evidence from international experts (e.g., the International Scientific Association for Pro- and Prebiotics) and also recently the Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS). They belong to the very few proven and plant-based prebiotics and they selectively increase beneficial bacteria in the gut, as well as promoting good digestive health, well-being, immune health, bone health, blood glucose management and much more. In addition to their health benefits, they are also appreciated for their taste and texture enhancing characteristics.