Ice hockey player Brent Raedeke tested Palatinose™: “ Lasting energy.”

Ice hockey player Brent Raedeke tested Palatinose, the energy that lasts the entire game

BENEO spoke with 28-year old Brent Raedeke, a Canadian-German professional ice hockey player currently playing as an offensive centermen for this year’s German championship winner “Adler Mannheim”. Brent talks very favourably of his experiences from a private trial phase with BENEO’s unique functional carbohydrate Palatinose™ during the last season.

When you first heard about it, what interested you most about Palatinose™/this type of carbohydrate?

“The longevity of it, because our sport can be 2-3 hours long of continuous training to get ready for the ice, either warming up or weight lifting, like I said before, then the hour plus on the ice so it is a whole lot of time that we are physically exerting energy and the fact that Palatinose™ gives you the long lasting energy is something that is just perfect for our sport.”

What has been your experience with Palatinose™ so far? Have you noticed a difference during training or during games since taking it?

“Yes absolutely, I think especially this season is probably the most physically demanding in my professional career so having this extra-long lasting carb in my system has been beneficial because our training sessions are longer, our on ice sessions are longer and so having that extra energy, extra-long lasting carb in my system is has been great and I’ve definitely noticed a difference. […] With Palatinose™ I don’t get the hungry feeling halfway between the game and the energy lasts the entire game.”

So where do you see the most benefit and potential for using Palatinose™ compared to traditional ‘fast’ carbohydrates in hockey?

“Well, traditionally I think most guys would eat for lunch before a game it would be a huge carb load, like pasta or rice or whatever, and it takes a while for your body to digest it. With Palatinose™, you can take it 1 hour before or even closer to the game time and it seems to work quicker and last a long time. […] With Palatinose™ it’s more of a steady energy source or consumption throughout the whole game and in 3rd period or in overtime you still have a good quality energy.”

The functional carbohydrate PalatinoseTM provides the body with the same amount of carbohydrate energy as sucrose does. But thanks to its unique glucose-fructose binding the energy is released slower and not all at once.

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