Sportification moves into the mainstream for BENEO at HiE.

BENEO supports Triathletes Marc Rink Bicycle and Ulrich Scherbaum

BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers in functional ingredients, will be using HiE 2018 in Frankfurt as a platform to educate attendees on various emerging industry trends, including sportification. Working in collaboration with professional triathlete and BENEO ambassador, Marc Rink, the company will educate visitors on the opportunities presented to those leading an active lifestyle and showcase BENEO’s latest developments in nutrition when sports and a healthy lifestyle are combined.

Consumers who are regularly active want products that help them to manage a busy day, look and feel good, or maintain a healthier weight. This means that blood sugar management, sustained energy and the fat burning impact of foods are of great importance to them, however at present a lot of sports and fitness-related products on the market do not suit these needs.

Many sports products that are designed to supply energy contain high glycaemic carbohydrates like maltodextrin, glucose syrup and sucrose, which release glucose into the bloodstream at a fast rate. While this is fine for those in need of instant energy, it isn’t ideal for those looking for endurance in their training and day-to-day sports activities, or for achieving balanced energy levels throughout the day. For these consumers, a low glycaemic carbohydrate that supplies its energy in a more steady way is preferable, as it doesn’t just sustain energy, but also promotes fat burning; supporting fuel management in sports as well as weight loss goals.

BENEO’s Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) is a low glycaemic, fully digestible carbohydrate that occurs naturally in honey and has a balanced effect on blood sugar levels. It delivers the energy the body needs to perform – whether the person is a professional athlete or someone aiming to make it through a busy and demanding day. It enables food and drink producers to create a wide range of sportified products, as it has a natural, mild sugar-like taste and sweetness.

Ideal for use in a wide range of sports nutrition products, Palatinose™ provides full carbohydrate energy in a sustained way, eliminating unwanted “boost and crash” blood sugar spikes and it helps to burn fat more effectively. These physiological benefits make Palatinose™ ideal for use not only in products aimed at endurance athletes, but also for other consumers engaging in less intense sports activities.

Thomas Schmidt, Marketing Director at BENEO commented: “Over recent years, food and drink producers have been responding to growing consumer interest in all things ‘sporty’. As well as traditional gels, bars and drinks, sports nutrition has moved further towards the mainstream with the introduction of a wide range of foods featuring sports related claims, including everything from ready meals and snacks through to pasta. With the boundaries blurring as traditional foods get a sporty makeover, we’re looking forward to using HiE to highlight the interesting new marketing opportunities available to help manufacturers tap into this trend.”

Professional triathlete, Marc Rink, will be joining BENEO on stand. Having trialled Palatinose as part of his training regime, both for himself and for the other athletes he coaches, Marc will be offering visitors insights into his first-hand experiences of using Palatinose to enhance his performance. In addition, specialists at the BENEO-Technology Center will be using HiE as a platform to showcase new recipe concepts that deliver in terms of performance, taste and texture.

Alongside its sportification activitiy, BENEO will also be presenting the latest news and developments on other trends impacting the industry, including digestive health. For further information on BENEO and its ingredients, or to meet some of the company’s nutritional, technical and market experts, visit BENEO at HiE this year on the stand, Booth #8A51.

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