BENEO at FNCE®: The latest on prebiotics and gut microbiome

BENEO at FNCE, Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo

Chicory root fibers are scientifically proven prebiotics. Learn how to use prebiotic chicory root fibers in your daily practice or company to address dysbiosis and improve digestive health, bone health, blood glucose response, manage weight  and inner defense.

You can learn to improve the nutritional profile of your recipe or product by using meaningful ingredients!

In addition, come discover Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) – a functional, low glycemic carbohydrate for sustained energy and fat burning.

At our booth you can also try exciting samples like:
• Tasty chocolate with prebiotic chicory root fiber
• Prebiotic chicory root fiber supplement
• Refreshing sports beverage with isomaltulose for sustained energy and fat burning

Come visit  BENEO-Institute at FNCE®:

Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™
Philadelphia, PA | October 26-29

Booth #409

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