World Oral Health Day: BENEO’s healthy toothfriendly ingredients.

World Oral Health Day BENEO’s toothfriendly ingredients support a healthy mouth and body

World Oral Health Day 2019 focuses on the link between oral care and overall health and well-being with its strapline: ‘Act on mouth health – a healthy mouth and body go hand in hand’. There are a growing number of solutions to help manufacturers develop solutions that support oral health. These include functional ingredients such as BENEO’s toothfriendly sugar replacer ISOMALT. It is the number one sugar replacer in sugar-free hard candies worldwide and is also a preferred ingredient for sugar-free chewing gums. Additionally, BENEO’s toothfriendly sugar Palatinose™ offers manufacturers possibilities for creating chocolates, chewie candies and more that do not promote tooth decay. With solutions like these on hand, manufacturers have an opportunity to reformulate products to become toothfriendly – offering yet another way for people to help ‘act on mouth health’.