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Tap Into Food’s Power To Bring Taste, Fun and Happiness 

As lifestyles get busier, consumers are looking for sweet escapes to treat themselves and rely a lot on convenience products to get inspired to cook, bake or dine together. Every generation of consumers tends to see itself as more adventurous than the previous one, and they like their food and drink choices to showcase how experimental they are.  

It has to be remembered though that consumers are most likely to indulge at celebrations and/or with friends and family over everyday occasions. In this moment they want to enjoy indulgent and spectacular foods as seen on social media or in restaurants, e.g. over half of Chinese bakery shoppers say to be interested in trendy packaged pastries that are popular on social media. And for all those home cooks and bakers, kits can help to create the innovative meals and desserts they are looking for. Nowadays, make-at-home kits are becoming more widespread across different categories. You will find opportunities in meals, desserts, beverages, and more. 

Enjoyment coupled with convenience is what’s driving consumer traffic. 

The important role that food plays…

Adventurous consumer concepts

Enjoying the green life

Looking for a crowd-pleasing appetizer? Sink your teeth into these plant-based bites to find a smooth, non-meat filling purely based on wheat flakes. It is a conscious snack choice that suits everyone’s taste buds. 

Plant-based has never been so tasty

Our plant-based feta cheese alternative brings a nutrient-rich and tasteful kick to any dish. You will enjoy all the creaminess and tangy goodness of traditional feta, minus the dairy.  

Delicious dairy-free whipping cream

A whipping cream so delicious and so dairy-free, it’s possible! Start from a rice-based recipe, fortify it with chicory root fibre and a touch of faba bean protein, and you will enjoy a creamy and vegan-friendly topping in a whip. 

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