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Digestive & Immune Health

Functional gut health ingredients resonate with consumers

Digestive health is increasingly recognized by dietitians and consumers alike as being an integral contributor to overall health and wellbeing. Scientific research has found links between the gut microbiome and many aspects of health, including mental health, physical health, mood and even immunity. Immunity is now also coming back as a significant consumer interest due to COVID-19, but it lacks a ‘feel the benefit’ effect and has therefore taken second place to digestive benefits in consumers’ minds.

Companies are always thinking up new ways and new products to deliver a digestive benefit. Formulating with functional gut health ingredients such as fibres and prebiotics will resonate with consumers seeking a healthy and balanced digestive system.

Prebiotics, such as inulin, can deliver that ‘feel the benefit’ effect and have other strong consumer-connected benefits such as their ability to both replace sugar and make a fibre claim. In many categories – from dairy to cereal – it used to be possible to stand firmly on digestive wellness, but now, while the products should deliver the benefit, you also need to be mindful of addressing people’s many other health interests.

Inspiring product concepts on digestive & immune health

A delicious gummy candies that contain 30% less sugar

Naturally Good

The perfect combination of less sugar, real fruit and feel-good fibre. Try these delicious gummy candies that contain 30% less sugar, are bursting with fruit and are rich in plant-based prebiotic fibre from chicory root. They nourish a balanced digestive system and support your inner wellbeing.

Concept Satisfying indulgence that is good for you

Satisfying indulgence is good for you

Enjoy smooth and creamy yoghurt desserts which do not only taste great but are good for you as well. Made with naturally-sourced ingredients they are rich in satisfying fibre supporting your digestive health and inner wellbeing. A feel-good treat to complete your meal.

Rise and shine concept

Rise’n Shine

Start your day right with the Rise’n Shine breakfast bowl that is enriched with prebiotic fibre to promote a healthy digestive system. In addition the slow-release carbohydrate Palatinose™ fuels your morning in a balanced way.

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