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Consumers Understand The Connection Between Mood And Food

Consumers today are not only looking for mental health, they are looking essentially for happiness. We see the interest rising in food and drinks that can lift mood, sharpen minds and/or help relax. This creates plenty of opportunities for functional and better-for-you food and drink

While 55% of consumers globally associate prebiotics with the support of their digestive health, more than two thirds (69%) associate digestive health with mental wellbeing benefits. Besides that, research about the gut-mind & brain axis is becoming more tangible and big players are tapping into this area. 

It is now, more than ever, a good time to promote such health benefits, and BENEO’s functional ingredients can help with that. Check out what our functional fibres, carbohydrates, proteins or specialty rice ingredients can do for your product. 

Mental health concepts

Mind your mind

Mind your mind

Brains consume some 20% of our daily calories, so they need fuel for healthy functioning. The right snack can help recharge you for the rest of the day. Our soft and savoury biscuits are baked with Palatinose™, a slow-release carbohydrate that helps support mental performance by supplying steady energy. 

"Happiness" in a bottle

“Happiness” in a bottle

Say hello to Fruit Splash, a refreshing and nutritious fruit-infused water drink that brings a healthy hit of brain nutrients in a steady supply, all thanks to Palatinose™. Sip away and fuel your focus! 

Cheer up! Energy jellies

Cheer up! Energy jellies

These energizing jellies are formulated to fuel and replenish body and mind. They’re packed full of vitamins and good carbs, while offering a mix of fruity flavours you’ll love! An enjoyable way to support your health and wellness needs. 

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