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The technical and nutritious value of functional ingredients in cereals.

Cereals are gaining ground in the snacking aisle and remain children’s all-time breakfast champion. Still, they have the reputation of being a quick and easy fix. Consumer research reveals West-European parents’ concern about the nutritional value of their children’s breakfast cereals. As much as three in five even keep a close eye on the ingredient list.

Make cereals pop again with sugar-reduced claims without crunching crispiness. Cluster more fibres and protein in gluten-free power or granola bars with an extended shelf and bowl life. Let consumers enjoy a moment of naturally sweet, though mindful indulgence. Read more about the health and technical benefits of BENEO’s functional fibres, carbohydrates, rice ingredients and proteins.

  • Extruded cereals
  • Cereal pillows
  • Cereal clusters
  • Cereal bars
  • Protein bars
  • Popcorn
  • Cereal coatings
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Baby Food Jars Infant Milk Formula

Baby Food Jars

  • Add BeneoPro VWG in bread recipes to optimize dough properties, increase the bread volume and improve its crumb texture.
  • Go for a source of protein claim with BENEO’s rice-based or wheat-based protein and meet the latest trend.
  • An unique combination of BENEO rice starches and flours ensure good volume and fine crumb structure in gluten-free breads, securing a high quality product with non-sticky bread texture and a pleasant taste.
  • With PalatinoseTM in the coating of a donut glaze (or icing), the quality (e.g. less sticky) is improved and the shelf-life of fresh and frozen donuts can be increased.
  • People preferring white bread will love your fibre-enriched version with Orafti®Inulin as it does not change the colour of the bread texture usually seen with wheat fibre or bran.

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Infant Milk Formula

  • Sneak in a fibre claim thanks to the invisible property of our Orafti® Inulin. The cakes are deliciously soft and have an attractive crust colour. On top, they are fibre-enriched!
  • High quality, gluten-free cakes thanks to an unique combination of rice flour & starches. Bake a nice tasting cake with good volume, soft texture & perfect colour.
  • 30% sugar reduction can be achieved with Orafti® Oligofructose or Orafti® Inulin, as it easily takes over the texturizing role from the replaced sugar.
  • With our Orafti® Inulin, fat-reduced cakes are easy to make. Also its sensorial properties are ideal: neutral flavour and no aftertaste ensure a light, yet indulgent treat.
  • As a bulk sweetener, our Isomalt takes over the texturizing role of sugar in cakes and has a pleasant sweetness on top.

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