Ingredients for cereals – sugar reduction and crunchy texture.

Cereals are gaining ground in the snacking aisle and remain children’s all-time breakfast champion. Still, they have the reputation of being a quick and easy fix. Consumer research reveals West-European parents’ concern about the nutritional value of their children’s breakfast cereals. As much as three in five even keep a close eye on the ingredient list.

Make cereals pop again with sugar-reduced claims without crunching crispiness. Cluster more fibres and protein in gluten-free power or granola bars with an extended shelf and bowl life. Let consumers enjoy a moment of naturally sweet, though mindful indulgence. Read more about the health and technical benefits of BENEO’s functional fibres, carbohydrates, rice ingredients and proteins.

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Solutions in extruded cereals: Improved bowl life and crispiness.

  • Positive effect on bowl life with Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose for fibre enrichment
  • Improved bowl life with Palatinose™ for sucrose replacement
  • Improved crispiness with Remy rice flour due to excellent hot set temperature
  • Excellent taste & texture when reducing sugar with Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose
  • Nice expansion with rice protein

In-depth information about extruded cereals.

Paper: sugar-reduced cereals, rich in fibre

Paper: Chicory root fibres for sugar-reduced high-fibre cereal pops.

Go for a crisp and healthier start of the day with Orafti® fibres: trends and recipe.


Sugar reduced solutions in granola.

  • Reduce the sugar content of your granola without affecting that fantastic crunchy bite and sweet taste. It is possible with Orafti® Inulin or Orafti® Oligofructose.

In-depth information about granola.

Recipe for sugar-reduced granola breakfast with Orafti® Inulin

Paper: Recipe for sugar-reduced granola breakfast with Orafti® Inulin.

Sugar-reduced granola breakfast high in prebiotic fibre, supporting a healthy and balanced digestive system.


Sugar reduced solutions in cereal bars.

  • Replace artificial humectants by a naturally sourced fibre, such as Orafti® Oligofructose – and keep a good shelf life
  • Orafti® Inulin & Oligofructose have good binding properties to replace sugar allowing appealing fibre enrichment claims
  • Reduce hardness at the beginning and over time by using Orafti® oligofructose or inulin in sugar-reduced bars
  • Create great chewable cereal bars with a soft honey-like sweetness from Remy rice syrup
  • Replace part of the sugar by using Isomalt in the binding syrup

Solutions in protein bars – improved energy management.

  • Combine the search for protein with the desire for energy from many sports minded consumers. With Palatinose™ in your protein bar, you can promote the ideal carbohydrate energy best taken for endurance sports

Sugar reduced solutions in cereal coatings.

  • White frosty flakes with less sugar..? Yes it’s possible with Remy rice starch!
  • Good crispiness with Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose in the cereal coating for sugar reduction
  • Simplify your recipe with a one-coating syrup for both frosting and glaze containing Palatinose™
  • Similar hardness, crispiness and sweetness between full sugar and sugar-reduced coated cereals with Isomalt
  • Nice, shiny glaze with a combination of Isomalt and chicory root fibres for a “no added sugar” claim.

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