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Ingredients for confectionery – sugar-free and just as sweet.

Every now and then, people like to treat themselves well and dive into something indulgently sweet. By definition, the confectionery segment fits that moment perfectly! Still, even in this segment, consumers across the globe are mindful about what they snack on. Market research reporting that (at least) every 1 in 2 consumers is concerned about his sugar consumption isn’t anything new anymore. And the fact that the clean label trend his spreading it’s reach into this sweet segment is a given for some and news to others. But… to hear that consumers are interested in digestive wellness as a benefit from a sweet treat still identifies opportunities to most. And yet, about 30% of consumers in Europe and the US confirm they would consider it.

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Sugar-free solution in hard candies.

Sugar-free hard boilded candies with Isomalt:

  • Sugar-like taste
  • Long lasting flavour release
  • Not sticky and excellent shelf life due to very low hygroscopicity
  • Not needed to wrap the candies individually giving freedom to packaging creativity
  • Brilliant appearance and nice colours
BENEO ingredients in Confectionery hard candy

In-depth information about hard candies.

Confectionery recipe: sugar free hard boiled candy with Isomalt
Recipe: Sugar-free, hard-boiled candy with Isomalt.

Recipe for sugar-free sweets with long shelf life, supporting reduced blood glucose levels.


Sugar-free solutions in chewing gum.

Sugar-free chewing gum with Isomalt:

  • Less sticky gum centre thanks to the very low hygroscopicity of Isomalt
  • Better form stability of the centre and improved machinability
  • Isomalt can be used for replacement of sorbitol and/or mannitol in chewing gum centre
  • Pure sweet taste with balanced sweetness profile

Texturizing solutions in coatings.

  • Excellent clean label solutions for white coating with Remy rice starch
  • Smooth surface with rice starch thanks to the unique small granule size of our Remy rice starch
  • Fast & crunchy coating of chocolate lentils with Palatinose
  • Excellent coloured and white crunchy coating with Isomalt
  • Unique translucent coating and speed coating with Isomalt

In-depth information about texturizing solutions in coatings.

BENEO paper confectionery clean label coating
Paper: Appealing confectionery coatings with clean label rice starch.

BENEO regular rice starch contributes to a high level of whiteness in many kind of confectionery coatings.


Sugar-free solutions in chocolates.

  • Nice texture and good snap when reducing sugar by adding Orafti® Inulin
  • Sugar-free and no added sugar with Isomalt and/or in combination with inulin
  • Sucrose replacement with Palatinose™ to create a toothfriendly product

Sugar-free solutions in chewy candies.


Sugar-free solutions gummies & gellies.

  • Create high fibre, sugar-reduced gummies with a nice taste & pleasant mouthfeel by adding Orafti® Inulin
  • Offer a variety of sugar-free treats by using Isomalt as bulk sweetener
  • Go for tasty gummies with an extra health benefit: a reduced blood glucose claim thanks to Palatinose

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