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The technical and nutritious value of functional ingredients
in salty and savoury foods.

A late night snack, refrigerated or take-away meal? Convenience and health are not naturally associated with being wholesome, balanced or natural. In the savoury segment especially the number of free-from and all-natural claims picked up. The wide appeal of plant-based formulations is in fact due to its healthful image. Over 60% of consumers worldwide say the impact of their food on health and wellbeing always influences their purchasing behaviour.

BENEO’s natural, functional ingredients offer endless opportunities for new and good recipes. Formulate gluten-free pizzas, fibre-rich cups of noodles, fat- or sugar-reduced squeezables and vegan burgers with a juicy bite,… or enhance processing, acid or thaw stability in creamy soups and sauces and improve yield on juicier chicken nuggets. Read more.

  • Vegetarian: vegan burgers
  • Vegan ready meals
  • Sauces
  • Soups
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Baby Food Jars Infant Milk Formula
BENEO retorted tomato sauce with native rice starch

Master the toughest processing conditions without compromising texture: recipe for tomato sauce with clean label rice starch.


Baby Food Jars

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Infant Milk Formula

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