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Textured Wheat Protein: BeneoPro W-Tex as meat alternative.

The first application of wheat protein can be traced back to ancient China. Even then, it was already used as a vegetarian alternative. After hydration textured wheat protein offers a meat-like texture and is therefore used for partial or complete meat replacement. One part of textured wheat protein with two parts of water allows for a 1:1 replacement of meat.

Nutritional benefits of Textured Wheat Protein.

Neutral taste and meaty mouthfeel.

Textured wheat protein has a nice neutral taste and stable hydrated texture which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, in particular meat analogues, ready meals, …

Flaky wheat proteins are highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. It allows for total and partial meat replacement without negatively impacting taste and texture. On the contrary, it benefits juiciness. Other than soy protein, the taste of textured wheat protein is neutral, eliminating the need of masking flavours.

The chunky type shows a texture advantage when used in red ground meat products.

Easy handling.

BeneoPro W-Tex has a simple, very quick hydration speed and is easy to include in the production process. It can be used in a wide range of meat and ready-meal applications without altering processing conditions.

Our textured wheat protein absorbs twice its weight in water and keeps its texture while hydrated even after a long hydration time.

The BeneoPro W-Tex range.

Ingredient names
Protein Content
Hydration capacity
Ingredient names
Pro W-Tex chunks
Protein Content
67% average
Hydration capacity
1 : 1.5-2
Chunks of 6-12 mm
Ingredient names
Pro W-Tex flakes
Protein Content
67% average
Hydration capacity
1 : 2-2.5
Flakes of 3-10 mm

Above values are indicative and may vary per specific application and process.

In-depth Information about Textured Wheat Protein.

Meat replacement burger with Textured Wheat Protein
Paper: Veggie burger with BeneoPro W-Tex.

Harness the strength of plant power with textured wheat protein: for meat-free recipes that look, cook and taste like the real deal.


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Textured wheat protein as a meat alternative

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Meat alternative with Textured Wheat Protein

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Textured Wheat Protein

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