IFT Food Expo 2016 in Chicago – “All things natural” with BENEO.

IFT Food Expo

New Clean Label Options for Better Texture and Digestive Health at IFT

May 2016 – BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients, will focus on natural solutions at this year’s 2016 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Food Expo in Chicago. Visitors to booth #231 will learn more about the company’s most recent clean label texturizing solutions with improved functionality. They will also gain insights on how chicory root fibers inulin and oligofructose promote a healthy digestive system, naturally.

“With two out of three U.S. consumers reading the ingredient list and nutritional benefits on packaging, the trend for clean label and natural is here to stay,” said Jon Peters, President BENEO, Inc. “BENEO, as a functional ingredients manufacturer, along with food and beverage producers, plays a crucial role in promoting healthy food combined with healthy lifestyles. With BENEO’s non-GMO ingredients sourced from nature, we support manufacturers in their efforts to make a real difference in delivering tasty products that meet growing consumer demand for clean label and natural products.”

During IFT 2016, BENEO will introduce Remypure, the company’s first high-performing native rice starch, which qualifies for natural and clean label status worldwide. Remypure enables manufacturers to leverage the trend for ‘all natural,’ while ensuring high functionality and stability even under demanding processing conditions such as low pH, high temperature or high shear. These characteristics make it suitable for applications such as retorted sauces, fruit preparations, dairy desserts and baby food jars. Remypure is similar in performance to chemically modified starches. It provides good product stability during the entire shelf-life, excellent freeze-thaw stability, all combined with delicate texture and pure taste.
With digestive health evolving from a strictly medically driven topic to a health and wellness issue, BENEO will also be highlighting the benefits of its all-natural and non-GMO chicory root fibers inulin and oligofructose. Both prebiotic, these natural fibers contribute to well-being by promoting a regular and balanced digestive system, in a mild and natural way. According to recent market research, 61% of US consumers are concerned about maintaining digestive health and 43% look for products to actively improve digestive health. Particularly appealing to US consumers is that prebiotic chicory root fiber improves the body’s function naturally¹. Supporting this consumer interest is information published by Mintel in 2016 “From the Inside Out”², which clearly shows that there is increased understanding of the impact diet have on how consumers look and feel.
Proving that indulgence and healthy lifestyle are indeed a winning formula with a smart choice of ingredients, visitors to BENEO’s booth will have the opportunity to enjoy freshly made Belgian waffles with a sugar-reduced chocolate topping. BENEO’s next generation sugar Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) and chicory root fiber provide a natural sugar-like sweet taste, and an attractive texture, while improving the nutritional profile of the waffles.

Additionally, several other tasting samples can be tested during IFT at BENEO’s booth, including a fruit-flavored dairy drink with Remypure. Another highlight will be a carbonated energy beverage for sustained and balanced energy release with Palatinose™.


¹Health Focus International Fiber Research 2013, commissioned by BENEO
²Mintel’s Global Food and Drink Trends 2016

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